TRT Doctors in NYC?

Looking for a replacement therapy doctor in NYC that accepts NYS medicaid
thanks and appreciate the help…i need this for health reason…and serious permanent injury and coverage has changed for me…it helped in the past…but like i say coverage changed for me now looking to find a doctor that accepts my new coverage…thanks again.for any help…

Where in NY? My doc is in LI and several people from here go to him.

brick can u message me that docs info in li…i cant pm yet thanks bud

looking for a good doc in ny tri state as well. Brick can you share info with me??

Hi Brink, I am in NYC as well. Would you mind sharing the info with me? Thanks!

Sorry for late reply people.

See Dr. Mellinger. Several T-Nation people have gotten fixed up by him.

Does he prescribe HCG, AIs as needed and understand the half life of testosterone? Does he check outside factors such as thryoid: FT3, FT4, RT3, TSH?

Yes and yes. He’s a urologist with a fellowship in andrology. He’s a doctor with whom you don’t have to play “be your own doctor” with.

Is he located in Garden City?

I would like to add my Doctors to the list, he is located in New York , by Garden City ( He is well know to the forum but the Vets dont always mention his name) Anyway, he is awesome and VERY understanding. He did a residency in Urology and an extra fellowship in Andrology and male fertility. I want to have kids in the future and he keeps that in mind, so he was a perfect find. He has had me on HCG, Clomid, Testosterone everything gels ext…, rFSH, Testopel (14 plus pellets) ect… He really knows what he is doing, best of all he takes all insurances!!!

Sherwin Zargaroff MD
200 old Country Road, Suite 520
Mineola, NY 11501
P: 516-537-5757

Best, Ray

Does either Dr prescribe Test Cyp and allow you to self inject? Do they allow you to optimize levels to upper 25% of normal range?