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TRT Doctors Central NJ area?

Does anyone recommend a good TRT doctor in the Central Jersey area? I was seeing Dr. Custis in South Jersey but it seems like he might not be practicing in NJ anymore. I appreciate any help/referrals you guys can give. Thanks.

Was your TRT well managed?
Please post labs with ranges. Not just hormones…

See the finding a TRT doc sticky…

You will see references to guys ordering their own lab work, you cannot do that in NJ or NY.

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

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Sorry for bumping an old thread but I’m from central jersey and was considering Dr. Custis in Asbury. I’m not sure if he is practicing there anymore as well. Shoot me a PM I can help you out.

Jay, I’d def like to talk to ya PM about this but can’t figure out how to send a PM. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks.

i honestly don’t know how to either can someone chime in

Jay, just email me. Let me know when you sent since it’ll prob go to spam.

Any luck looking myself central jersey