TRT Doctor Recommendations in Toronto Canada?

Hi All,

Curious if anyone here has any suggestions on a doctor in the Toronto area that is well versed in TRT.
Short version. 54 years old been on TRT for 8 ish years, 65mg Testosterone Enanthate twice a week.

Had a serious infection in my leg that crawled it’s way up to my groin before it they could get it under control and fixed. Almost lost a leg over the ordeal. Never really felt right again. It took almost 2 years to find out why I had turned into such a mess, mentally and physically. That infection unfortunately caused the parts not to work anymore.

Fast forward. The long search for a doctor that had a clue and helped has now retired and the doctor that has taken over is “very concerned” that my Total T is at 26 nmol/l (750 ng/dl) and would like to reduce my dosage.

I am fortunate that all my blood work is good and other than the T issue I am fortunate. I donate blood every 2 months to keep hematocrit in check and E2 levels are in range. Had to figure most of this out on my own as the doctor that helped was mostly just a path to a prescription unfortunately.
So needless to say I don’t want to reduce my dosage. I feel okay and in fact have always been curious if I could sustainably go up a bit. I know through the process of figuring out dosage when I was up around 33 nmol/l (950 ng/dl) I felt my best.
Any input would be appreciated.

If you’re looking for phone or zoom and a private clinic… I’m with skrhealth and I’m happy with her. My last tt was 37.4. I was probably the best I’ve been in a long time other than I could feel some heart pounding kind of issues. My hemoglobin was 175, hematocrit .53 and rbc 6.2. All a little more over than I would like. We just had a meeting and agreed to lower my test a bit. My goal is to hit the top range numbers in hg, ht, rbc without being over. I know there’s going to be a reduction in some of the improvements but the weird heart thing already went away. Anyways, she’s open to your feedback and isn’t a my way or the highway type. As long as you’re not over by much on those nontest numbers I’m sure you could run tt in a higher range with her.