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TRT Doctor Ontario, Canada

I’ll hit them up if that’s the case. A couple other BHRT places have a monthly fee that doesn’t seem to cover anything as far as I can tell. Don’t see the point in paying 200 per month on months with no appointments or prescriptions. A membership fee to get treatment for clinical hypogonadism sounds shady as fuck to me.

Another great place to go for Canadians: Google ‘skrhealth’. Several people I know use her and my wife started using her as well. She’s a nurse practitioner but really seems to know her stuff and is trained by Neal Rouzier.

That’s who they set me up with. I’m happy.

An NP with a controlled substance license? That’s a rarity. I’ll check her out, thanks.

Dr. Komer in Burlington is my HRT doc, and I can’t say enough good things about him. If you ask to be put on his cancellation list and have the ability to take an appointment on short notice, it’s likely you’ll get in much sooner than 12-14 months.

Not sure if any of you based out of Ontario have experienced this recently, but there’s been major supply issues with Delatestryl and Depot Testosterone over the past couple months. Hoping this improves soon.

I’m prescribed Delatestryl so I’ve been getting nothing from the pharmacy for months forcing me to purchase UGL online in the meantime. I even told the pharmacy that when they asked, “Will you be ok?” I replied, “Would you be ok if I chemically castrated you for a few months?”

It’s ridiculous.

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Yup, no Delatestryl in Ontario, and Depo dried up too as it’s apparently the listed pharmacy alternative. After calling 17 local pharmacies like a crack addict, I finally found the last bottle in the store of a small town hole in the wall mom and pop place.

I love how pharmacies literally don’t give a shit if you run out of testosterone… like it’s some vain botox injection. Mofo, without this shit my T is like an 85 year old man.

On an interesting note, my pharmacist had a novel idea as to why production volume never met usage this year. According to her there are 4x as many FTM transgendered users for every guy prescribed test in their system. The main script for transitioners is Delatestryl.

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@dbossa @shockingly_caucasian my pharmacy has depo testosterone back in stock, FYI. Still no delatestryl. Maybe worth giving yours a call to see if they have any as well

So TruBalance just refers you to another clinic?

It’s a bit of a trek for me to do last minute cancellation, I don’t live anywhere near Burlington and his secretary says they do not do treatment remotely. He must be good to have a wait list that long though. That’s pretty obscene.

Donna will just give you a practioner. She might ask if you want to go somewhere in person or over the phone/video.

If Burlington is a trek for you, i assume that Guelph would be as well; but you could try live well heath clinic in Guelph.