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TRT Doctor Ontario, Canada

Hello all, in need of a more experienced doc than I’m currently using for TRT. Searched past posts about this topic and found some recommendations, however they are a few years old and some have gone tits up.

Can anyone recommend a doc, clinic, or private outfit in Ontario that knows what they are doing with TRT? Same old story; I currently see a specialist of internal medicine, and he’s a nice man that has no problem scribing tons of Enanthate, but seems to be a tad behind the times. If you were to ask me for lab results, I wouldn’t have even half of the information I see posted up here regularly.

From what I can see online, my options for OHIP supported clinics seem extremely thin. There is one semi OHIP clinic in Burlington, called Masters, but that guy has a 12-14 month wait list.

There are now several anti aging clinics that have popped up around compounding pharmacies trying to peddle ‘bioidentical’ hormones, Deerfields, TruBalance, etc., but they have no reviews at all, and are significant investment (compared to OHIP) to go into blind. I just can’t wrap my head around paying them twice the retail cost for a vial of Delatestryl that’s shipped to my house vs. just filling my own script.

Are you doing the injections yourself? How much/how often? Sometimes getting the prescription for a reasonable amount is the hard part so be careful jumping to another doc. Some will make you quit altogether to get “baseline” labs then start you on a low dose first and it turns into a whole process just to get back to where you started. What labs do you have?

@dbossa might be able to help with Canada info

You have what you need. Do the research, use the script. You don’t need a clinic in all likliehood. As for the labs, Free T is noce, and you can get that and anything else privately without a doctor. Yes, in Ontario too. Google it, there are providers. The reality is, you do not need most of those labs unless there’s a problem dialing in. A lot of guys get a lot of labs, and it only feeds their anxieties. Your regular physical blood have most of the info you see, and I know that providers there are starting to use MyChart to give you access to them.
For non-Canadians, OHIP is the provincial health insurance plan for Ontario, it’s done by province. Ontario Health Insurance Plan.


I’ve sent several guys to tru balance and I’m yet to receive a complaint. I know a few who use it and are happy. I have no affiliation.

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Yes, self injecting, I’ll make a separate thread with my details.

Good point, I’d rather not start over.

I’ve noticed from reading here that I appear to have stumbled upon a doctor that has no trouble prescribing that’s for sure. My problem is now that I’ve hit a wall with it, he seems to be at a loss.

What is TruBalance anyway? Is it like a pharmacy liaison to doctors or physical clinics? They seem to have a load of physical addresses.

So, what’s the problem?

They have a repertoire of docs that follow a certain methodology all across Canada. They also have access to compounding pharmacies etc.

There is Dr. Lawrence D. Komer in Burlington, Ontario. This doc from what I’ve heard is exceptional in treating hormonal problems in men and women.

I went with trubalance and the NP has been open to what I want to do. I’m an extremely complicated case with pfs, so, I’m moving slowly… but, I’ve had no problems with trying different things or labs.

The wait time is nothing compared to an endo.

I tried cream through the pharmacy they use and have switched to test cyp. Had the option of their pharmacy or wherever. My benefits paid for it and I went with their pharmacy.

Yeah, you’ll pay for the appts but no wait and having a say for me was worth it.

Also, you can go with video or phone call appt.

Spoke with them and Deerfields to get info/pricing. Both are very nice and about 100 times faster than anything OHIP. Donna at TruBalance doesn’t suffer any fools that’s for sure. One thing I did notice is both companies are pushing the creams/gels pretty hard surprisingly, I’m assuming because that’s where the money is as they compound it. They are certainly open to continuing injections, but the only part of either convo that felt like a bit of a sales pitch was about the bioidentical topicals.

Not sure I’m game on smearing shit on me my wife or kid might touch.

I say stick with whatever works, if that’s injections then I wouldn’t change

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Nothing stopping you from requesting injections specifically. There are lots of people who don’t do HRT because they don’t like to inject. Injections are the gold standard but there are some guys who prefer the cream. Avoid the gels.

Tricky… there’a a trubalance and a truebalance with .ca
Don’t think links are allowed but just letting folks know.

You’re right, there does seem to be a lot of variations on the true balance moniker out there. Books as well. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement is a common theme among most of them.

I could have sworn I sent a correction. It’s the one that starts with trubalancehealthcare.

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I don’t mind paying for appointments, but can you tell me if you are paying a monthly fee for the doc to write a prescription or does the fee pay for medication itself? I’m finding with the Ontario BHRT clinics it isn’t clear what the monthly fee pays for.

Fee for appt only and in my case, I get a script filled for 3 months until next appt. How the script is paid for depends on if you have insurance I guess. I don’t pay a monthly fee, but, there may be a total men’s health service that does diet and everything else that might be more involved… I just opted for regular appts.