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TRT Doctor Needed in Dallas-Fort Worth Area


I've been looking - man, have I been looking! - for a doctor who understands the usefulness of prescribing HCG and an aromatase inhibitor for someone who s/he thinks should take testosterone. I've Googled until my fingers and eyes hurt, I've dived into this and other message boards, I've called doctors' offices and spoken with doctors or their nurses. Most, like the family doctor who first shoved a testosterone prescription at me several months ago, don't even know what an aromatase inhibitor is, or what role HCG could possibly play in my treatment. To date I've only managed to find a very few who say things like, "Well, sure, I'll put you on an aromatase inhibitor if your estrogen level warrants it. But I won't prescribe HCG unless you're wanting to have a baby." Or "Ok, I could see adding HCG to the prescription, maybe, but an aromatase inhibitor? You're a man, so that won't be necessary." Some of these are endocrinologists! And that's as far as I've gotten, so I've instead chosen to continue remaining untreated all these months. And feeling like crap because of it.

This is by far the best forum I've found online on the subject of TRT, and the only one I've signed up for. Can someone here who lives or at least knows the situation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area suggest to me an appropriate doctor in this area? Please? I'll keep my fingers crossed and watch for PMs.

Even if no one here can help me out, I appreciate your taking the time to consider my request. And I really appreciate this website!


If all else fails, get on the Testosterone injections alone...there are thousands of men who are on just Test and are doing fine (even the ones on the fucked up every 2 week protocols).

Not everyone needs hcg and an AI, despite what you read in the stickeys. Those were written when we were a smaller community and not the #1 google search, so at that point we were addressing mostly outliers who still didn't feel right on Test injections alone.

And now that you're here, you have an appreciation for what other factors need to be accounted for as you start TRT. You know what symptoms to look out for and what likely causes are, and most importantly, how to remedy them.

It's easier to work with your doctor in baby steps. I would suggest trying T alone and then trying to convince your doc to add things in incrementally. If not, the good news is that AI's and HCG are readily available from underground sources on the www.


I don't know, on the surface that seems like reasonable advice (and I'm sure that it's well meant), VTB, but...

It just doesn't sit right with me to see a doctor and follow his/her prescribed treatment for me when I have evidence to indicate that s/he doesn't really know what s/he's doing. It's not a question of whether everyone needs HCG and an AI, but of whether a given doctor is willing and able to prescribe such medications for those who should get them. We shouldn't be paying doctors for trying to work in areas in which they're not competent. We shouldn't have to doctor ourselves to make up for their incompetences, either.

So I guess for at least a while yet I'm willing to suffer and keep looking for a way to do things both right and aboveground, if you know what I mean.

The Metroplex is an awfully big urban center with an awful lot of people in it. Surely someone out there can suggest an appropriate doctor for me?...


Have you specifically tried looking for clinics in the area that specialize in hormone replacement? Those are very common in most areas and big money so the correlation is strong.

I live in Austin so if you give up looking in the DFW area, 200 miles south is a place I go to, NBH Lifetime Health. They know the area pretty well and have me on test 2x week, hCG,and AI. I didn't start off with that program but as results and tests came back we modified it to meet my personal needs. There are several hormone replacement clinics in this area like NBH and they even advertise on TV, so I'd be surprised if you can't find any local.


I will IM you.


I have, Pushinit. There certainly are a number of anti-aging and such treatment centers around. The problems I've encountered with these is that they don't seem to want to tell me much of anything prior to my coming in and putting my money down. When I make calls to try to find out anything specific about treatment options (which never seems to appear anywhere in their many webpages), the closest I get is "Someone will get back to you about that," but then no one does. In a number of cases I'm not even sure if an MD is involved, and the potential for any insurance coverage is iffy at best. Maybe I don't ask the questions the right way or something...

I suppose I could consider driving to Austin for treatment to be a nice little road trip (maybe combine it with taking my wife to a bed-and-breakfast in the hill country or something :^] ). Thanks for the suggestion! I'll keep it on hand in case nothing turns up closer to home.

Thanks, PureChance. PM reply sent.


I'm also looking for a good doctor in DFW. Purechance, if you had suggestions, can you also PM me?



At this point, living in shreveport, I would drive to Dallas to see a doctor that actually prescribes hcg and an AI.


I have Dr i work with be glad to help you in that area PM me for info


Hardasnails - I do not have permissions to PM you (cause I'm new?). Can you send me one?



Hardasnails, I'd be interested in comparing DR info with you. Mine is very willing and flexible on the Testosterone, but wait-and-see on HCG and anastrozole. Can't PM you as I am new here.


Not to hijack, but since this thread is turning into to a bit of a networking session, anyone know any Dr.'s in Central Florida Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland area providing informed care? Not a fan of the anti-aging clinic fad both for cost and the same reason I'm not a giant fan of pill mills and pain management clinics.


Hardnails and Cory Dallas would you please pm with that info as well I've been looking for a good dr to prescribe test cyp and the anti aging clinics are way to expensive.


Hardasnails and corydallas would you please pm me too...I'm new here and can't pm anyone.

My GP prescribed test cyp only...would not test for E2, so I'm going to get testing done out of pocket from lef.org tomorrow...



Sorry guys. I'm still in the same boat, cannot PM yet. I'm not sure how many posts you need before you get to PM. Hardasnails does not seem to be following this thread as I have not heard from him either.


Dr John Crisler MI



Dr. Crisler is in Michigan...how will that help with someone located in Dallas?


I dont live in America i have no clue how close the states are.. i just know Dr Crisler is a great dr.


Dr. Crisler is great...just ask him how great he is



or the international hormone society