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TRT Doctor Near Greensboro NC

I’ve got another thread with all my info and I’ve read the stickies on finding a trt doctor using pharmacies. I’m getting frustrated with my current doctor who is a general practitioner pa. He has prescribed 200ml test cyp injected every 14 days. I’ve read enough to know this is dumb. Everytime I mention hcg and ai he is either ignoring me or just doesn’t know what those things are because it just gets brushed off. Should I just start the T with him and then go somewhere else so they know I’m already on that path? Should I push for an endo? Any suggestions for docs around these parts? If this thread is too much of a double post let me know and I’ll get rid of it. Thanks!

Expecting an endo to be any better is a shot in the dark.

If you are self-injecting, inject 50mg twice a week.

Is it possible a young pa doesn’t know a thing about hcg? He keeps telling me to take whatever supplements I want. I tried telling him it’s not a supplement but I’m going to have to give it another Shot.