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Note to everyone: the number of anti-testosterone “hit pieces” is increasing. We’ve already seen decisive changes in the reference ranges; it may become harder and harder to get ON TRT in the near future; and to continue on it in the distant future.

My advice is: vote carefully, speak up about this, and make sure to keep a buffer of product.

As of Last November Ma had passed a new controlled substance law and they cant ship any larger then 5ml , I was mistaken with the 1ml it’s 5ml that I receive and only 1 at a time. It’s a pain I have to order 1 every month

I do remember there was some change - and, what they (Empower) needed was a copy of my license, which I duly provided in November. And then they shipped 2 5ml vials.

Once they have your license, you’re good to go from now on.

They also shipped two 5ml vials to me in late January/early Feb of this year.

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Well I am not going to tell my pharmacist!

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It was written on the script by my doc I think. Or maybe it is the MO of cvs to include that. Not sure. But it says right on it, “Discard 28 days after piercing vial”

This is very good info, I will see if I can talk to Empower directly to take my license. Defy calls my scripts i to there and they have never offered me this option

3 things (btw, I was an attorney)

  1. prescribing testosterone through telemedicine is illegal…completely illegal. It is a controlled substance so any place doing this is violating both state and federal law and they will get caught and closed down. Florida has an exception for mental health meds but not for testosterone. Massachusetts does not have an exception. Its an absolute violation.

  2. you cannot provide telemedicine services across state lines, meaning if the Doc is in FL and you are in Mass…that’s a no no. That’s called the unlicensed practice of medicine. 100% illegal.

  3. It is against Mass state law to ship a controlled substance in more than 30 day quantities. Any place shipping you more than a 30 day supply of testo in Mass is breaking the law.

I’m sure the pharmacy knows the law.

It’s implausible that hundreds of doctors and clinics across the country are all in violation of federal law.

The fact that you “were” an attorney - and are apparently not one now (“I was an attorney”) - does not give me much confidence in your opinion. Nor does your language.

They get around this by requiring that you get a physical by a physician in MA and having the results sent to them in FL. This establishes a “relationship” with a local doctor and allows them to treat and prescribe via telemedicine…

Ahh…the reasoning of the simple minded “some people are doing it so it should be ok.”

And nice attempt at the “straw man” argument, please list the “hundreds” of clinics prescribing testosterone via telemedicine…waiting. You will find a handful and most in Florida (and most in Tampa, btw). 2 recently closed in TX and OK and stated the illegality of the practice as their reason.

Here is the FL statute: 64B8-9.0141 Standards for Telemedicine Practice.(4) Controlled substances shall not be prescribed through the use of telemedicine except for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Here is the MA statute: Chapt 94c Sec 23 (d) In regard to a controlled substance in Schedule II or III, no prescription shall be filled for more than a thirty-day supply of such substance upon any single filling

The liability of a pharmacy contravening federal law is high.

They are far more aware of the various applicable laws than a pretend internet lawyer, whose imprecise language betrays his pretense.

Yes, hundreds. Sorry that you’re so clueless.

Edit: also you might want to look up “strawman” - you clearly don’t understand the concept, lol.

Brother, I mean you no harm, just trying to elucidate the statutes. I quoted you chapter and verse on the state level…here is the federal statute.

Section 311(h)(1) of the Controlled Substance Act (CSA), it was called the Ryan Haight Act in Congress prior to passage.

Up to you how you handle it. I wish you the best and sorry you’re angry.

Federal laws and how they relate to State laws - and how individuals and corporations navigate them - is an exceedingly complex topic. If you had an even passing knowledge of this area, and the complexity of regulatory issues involved, you wouldn’t naively cite statutes as if they settle the matter, lol.

Furthermore, pharmacies are far more aware of those statutes and how they interact and what their impact is, than a pretend interwebs lawyer.

Finally, you mis-apply via a kind of unwitting ignorance a logical fallacy to me; and then, in the very act of accusing me, adding irony to irony, you commit the same logical fallacy without even blushing.

Your imprecise language; your poor reasoning skills; and your naive citations betray you.

Up to you how you handle this bro.

I wish you the best and sorry that you’re so angry. Elevated E2 can do that bro. Get it checked!

Whats your point? The government knows they are doing it. They treat tens of thoulsands of people in the US probably more. The other controlled rx i take my Dr has to pull the national PDMP file to check and make sure he knows what i have been getting elsewhere. Says right there in black and white on the DEA monitored program that I get testosterone a C3 substance from Dr Saya in Tampa 1000+ miles away and the dates they were filled. There is nothing hush hush about Defy. They are not mailing out oxys its hormones for medical conditions and they have proof of need for all their patients. Also they passed legislation to make it legal and easier to prescribe suboxone via telemedicine. Buprenorphine(suboxone) is a dangerous potentially lethal controlled substance. What are your thoughts on that

I’m just over the border in NH and its the same here. 5ml at at time. Pro tip. every time you order, ask when the earliest you can reorder is and set a calendar appt alarm to remind you to call that day. That starts the timer so if you order late, they assume you need less meds and it’ll change when you can reorder next time cutting it closer and closer until you don’t have enough for a dose. I’ve had to lobby to get them to raise my script so there was an extra dose or two to buy me time. Ordering the soonest available date for a while paying for the fastest shipping every 5-6 weeks SUUUCKS. 25-30 shipping is a kick to the balls. Now that i’m ahead of it because i order the first available day, i can again do the slowest shipping and it arrives in plenty of time

I just got off the phone with them and may switch. I’m on insurance covered TRT but my endo doesn’t test estradiol, wanted me on 200mg every 2 weeks, 4th endo i’ve been to. I have fucking diagnosed HH with 171 ng/dL at 26.

I can’t keep working with an endo that although nice, doesn’t know shit about TRT and won’t even test estradiol. How was Dr. Zacharias? Pricing seems a tiny bit higher at $195 a month + $120 for labs every X number of months.

How about the Anabolic Doc on youtube, Thomas O’Connor? Anyone familiar with him? He has an office in CT but does telemedicine. His website has the annual cost at $1750.

Test it yourself if you’re that concerned by it.

Yeah unless you are doing actual cycles most people dont GAF about E2. The only concern would it being too low which won’t be an issue is you aren’t on an AI. And yeah it would be cheaper for you to test it yourself through quest or labcorp than it will be to pay out of pocket for TRT. And 100mg a week is a pretty standard dose.

I think that’s his fee, labs and meds are extra.