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TRT Doctor is Seattle Area


  I will be visiting Seattle for few weeks.
  Does anyone have recommendation for a good TRT doctor in Seattle/Kirkland area


Dr Berry Wheeler at Revive Low T clinic, they have a Kirkland office and one in Seattle. Takes insurance if you have it. And doesn’t push to put you on replacement therapy without checking the reasons why you are low. Checks thyroid things like that. Prescribes medicine versus demanding that utilize his sources. Does offer you his sources if you want them. He’s not making much on the medicine itself. Seems to be the only none high pressure clinic in the area that I know of.

I have yet to hear of a none clinic doctor who does hormone replacement well. I’m sure one exists, Seattle is a big town. But most get told “its within range” (if you were 80 years old) or are given a scrip for Androgel and told to come back in 6 (less that great) months

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Thanks Verne

I’m in Portland and willing to drive to Seattle. Gonna give Dr Wheeler a call on my lunch break.

You need to look up Dr. Erica Zelfand, she’s in Portland and is YouTube’s bignoknow’s doctor.

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Dr Zelfand is two blocks from work, which is super convenient, but she does not take insurance and charges $550 for a consult. Dr Wheeler takes my insurance. I’ll make the drive. Thank you, though!!