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TRT Doctor in Northern, VA?


New here after a couple year layoff from bb’ing. (see my post in “Why care about E2” sticky)
Can anyone provide help with finding a great TRT doc in the Fairfax County, VA area (prefered). I just got verbal results back (phone call) the other day. Total T=340 E2=59. I would like to get E2 under control as a priority. Getting more blood work next week as well.

thanks for your help.


If you are willing to travel to philadelphia pa I work at a hormone clinic that specialises in male hormone looking at all thyroid/adrenal and sex hormones. This clinic also excepts PPO insurance. Pm me if interested

thanks for the offer. I would like to get something closer as it’s tough to get away from the 4 kids for too long. If I find my radius has no choice but to expand I’ll send you a note.

That is understandable, but some times you have to travel to get the proper care. We have people that come from california in order to get help. The fact that we also take PPO insurance is a big plus. Keep us in mind.


Still trying to work with my Dr., and still needing recommendations for good Northern VA / greater DC area TRT/HRT specialists. Thanks.

there’s a guy in Greenbelt, MD that may be worth checking out…PM me if you want contact info