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TRT Doctor in Kansas City Area?


does anyone know of a good doctor to treat me with TRT in the Kansas City/ Lawrence area??? thanks.


Yes. Send me a message and I will give you a name.


I really like my doctor in Kansas City a lot -- he gave me steady-relase Testosterone called Testopel so I don't have to do injections anymore. I just go to him every 4 months or so to get reimplanted with the testosterone.

When I was on injections I kept crashing and getting "high-high's" and "low-low's". Now I feel really consistently good all the time, and don't have to get stuck every 2 weeks. Message me I can give you his name.




thanks so much for the reply. Do you have to take hcg with testopel?


Read the stickies. The needs for hCG and aromatase inhibitors do not change with the choice of TRT delivery system. That is very basic. Do not ask for Doctor's names in the forums, use PM's as suggested. Docs do not want to be posted on sites like this.


I made a mistake..I thought it was private message and went back and edited my mistake when I noticed it.


I am looking for a couple of names of TRT Docs in the area as well.

I cannot PM anyone as I am a new forum member and am not authorized.

Please PM your thoughts... or reply here.




I am new to this board. How do I PM you to find KC area docs who do prescribe and insert Testopel? thanks


How do I PM someone to find out names of Docs who prescribe and insert Testopel? Thanks. I am obviuosly new to the site.


I do not post names of doctors in public forums.

We like new guys to stick to their own threads, not messing up stickies or hyjacking the threads of other guys. If the criteria includes posting in several different threads, that is very counter productive.


Can you PM me the name of the TRT Doctor that you mentioned that is in my area. (Wichita, KS)
I can't get my PM to work.


Do not see that I can PM you from here, did you get PM earlier from 'friends list'?


Yes I did get that. I can't seem to PM either. I don't know what is going on. I also had post disappear last night.


did they find a way to setup the private messages for new members yet? Im curious to trt in kansas city.


Are you near Lawrence?




If we cannot PM, there is always the 23rd Street Brewery.


I would also like to know a good KC area doctor


I am currently on a regimen in Kansas City with 50 mg injected twice per week (100mg/week total). My doctor isn't at all open to discussing AI's or HCG and would love a recommendation of someone that would be more open with me. I am willing to drive to Lawrence! Can someone PM me or meet at 23rd St. Brewery? Ha! I'm in major need of assistance!