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TRT Doctor in Fayetteville/Ft Bragg NC


I stopped TRT to have another child. I've since moved and need to find a new GP, Urologist, or Endro in Fayetteville / Fort Bragg NC to get me back up and running. I'd rather not waste another year doctor shopping until I find one that understands the whole HPTA, SC injections, Arimidex & hCG speech.

Any recommendations are appreciated.


Anyone have an update?


Two years ago… I hope you found a good one


Between training, deployments, TDYs I’m just now getting stable here. I’ve started looking for a Primary doc but of the several offices I’ve called no one is accepting new patients.


You have read the finding a TRT doc sticky?


I have read the sticky. I reached out the to local compounding pharmacy the other day but haven’t heard back. I’ll stop by after work to follow up.

Are compounding pharmacies the best for referrals or would the local CVS/Walgreens be worth a call/email?

Another issue is I’ve called five different GPs just to get in to see a doc and it seems like no one is accepting new patients. I’m on BCBS, so insurance isnt the issue. Maybe the area is just underserved with providers?


Check with Dr Crisler and Defy medical. They can do remote consultations. Google the name.


I’ll check them out, Thank you!


Dr C is one of the industry leaders. You can’t go wrong with him.