TRT Docs in Ontario Canada..

I am having a real problem finding anyone who has any clue about TRT in this province and most of the clinics are using “bioiddentical”. Anyone with any information on Canadian doctors who’s are not afraid of using an A.I or hgc for men on trt and knows what tests to run and will run the blood work for you please comment here…

Your information is greatly appreciated.

Injected T esters, after the body removes the ester groups, is a time release bio-identical testosterone delivery system.

You looked at the finding a TRT doc sticky?

Ontario is huge! I am aware of how bad a mess things are there. Socialized medicine makes docs into mindless robots. Most docs in the USA have similar issues, but there are docs that one can find, with difficulty.

Tell doc that you want T and also want to balance other hormones, that includes E2. And you also do not want the disfigurement, [24x7 ache for some], eventual sterility and eventual organ failure from HPTA shutdown.

I have a doctor and the only doctor I have met who isn’t afraid to give a T script… yes I read all the stickies. Not even a pharmacist i have talked to and i talked to a few who have been doing it a long time has ever heard of using hcg or AI for this reason… They just don’t know… Is there any case studies you know of I could supply to my doctor… he seems willing to learn but doesn’t seem to want to go outside the lines

Yes Ontario is huge but i have no problem traveling if i can find a decent doc who knows what he is talking about.

there is one in burlington masters mens clinic. he uses the drugs you want

I think he wants 150 a visit I haven’t heard good things? Do you go there?