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TRT Doc in South Carolina?

Alright, so I’ve been to two doctors and one endocrenologist and was disregarded as a TRT patient given that I’m 21 years old. I’ve had my bloodwork done a few times and have consistently scored in the 290-320 range for TT. My question for this forum is if there’s anyone who knows of a doctor who prescribes TRT treatment with a relatively open mind in south carolina.

I live in Columbia, SC but will gladly commute to anywhere in SC to find a doctor who actually knows something about TRT. I figured I’d be home free once I scheduled an appt. with an endo. but when he straight up told me that he doesn’t and wouldn’t be testing for estrogen then I pretty much knew from there that he wasn’t going to be much of a help. So if anyone has any clue in this regard I will greatly appreciate your replies!

Join the club. I’ve been looking for one in South Carolina but have yet to have any luck, although I realistically need a third blood draw to determine if I actually need it. I had one draw at 345 and one at 590. I am hesitant to hop on this treatment unless I am absolutely sure that it is necessary. My GP will prescribe testosterone at that level (gave me androgel at 345), but he does not know what he is doing. I’m working on seeing an endo within the next few weeks (probably going to be a waste of time). If I have another crappy blood draw and he understands TRT, I will let you know. There are some anti-aging clinics in the Charleston area, but they do not accept insurance. Anyways, I’ll keep you posted.

I’m also interested in what your symptoms are like considering we are about the same age.

My main symptoms are energy and appearance related. I guess to really give you a clear picture as to why I was certain I had this issue even before being tested is to explain my lifestyle to you. Firstly, I eat as well as I possibly can. Secondly, I lift quite a bit. Four to five times a week. The changes that most people would experience given my lifestyle and habits would be much more significant than mine, hence the hormones. I have been able to gain some size and lose some fat but the muscle that i do put on is not very hard or dense.

I never feel “full” so to speak, regardless of diet and exercise. I think that I may be producing testosterone at certain times of the day but barely any at all at others, ultimately not enough even when I am. I’ve tried tribulus and respond relatively well to that meaning I can tell it’s making a difference but trib. can only do so much. I have almost no facial hair and the bit that i do have is thin and wispy and takes about a week to even be visible(only if you’re up close haha). As far as sex drive is concerned, i have never really had issues with erections or wanting to have sex, but it’s hard to tell waht to compare it to. I think I may have it a little better than others in that department but the numbers don’t lie.

For your question, 500’s generally wouldn’t get you TRT based on what I’ve read on this forum, I mean it seems like most doc’s including the one’s I’ve been to give you trouble even in the 300s. But the deciding factor here would be your Free T and E2 and so on, you just need a better picture of how much benefit you are actually getting from your Total T. Also, I have reason to believe that i am insulin resistant which I’ve read can be linked with low T. How did androgel work for you??? I have considered that only I’ve heard it’s outrageously expensive…

Forget endos and uros. There useless. What I would suggest to both of you is join the hypogonadism group on yahoo. There’s a section in the database of knowledgable docs in HRT that may be close to you. There’s guys on that forum that know their shi@ when it comes to mens hormones. Try it.