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TRT Doc in Scottsdale?

Recently started TRT with a urologist but may need to find a new doc soon. I’m getting monthly test cip injections and have read much on here and elsewhere suggesting that this is far from an ideal protocol. Don’t yet know how flexible my doc is.

Does anyone know of a good GP who is ‘easy to work’? in my area? Someone who is OK with prescribing self-injections, an AI and hCG (should any of those turn out to be appropriate for me)? I’ve seen it suggested that one can find such a doc by calling local compounding pharmacies, but thought I’d try here first. Not interested in an expensive ‘anti-aging clinic’ - plenty of those in the phone book!


OK, how about the entire Phoenix area? There must be someone here having success with a doc in my area. Thanks.

I just started seeing a new doc in Ahwatukee. He is also on TRT so he’s fairly knowledgeable but he doesn’t see a need for an A.I. He also wants everything, including HCG to pinned IM. I didn’t try to talk him into sub q, it’s easier just to order pins online. PM for his info and any other questions you might have.

MC0311 - thank you for the suggestion but I was unable to PM you. I don’t think I have enouigh posts yet. Your doc sounds promising. Please keep me posted. I’ll look for ‘your’ thread.

I didn’t realize neither one of us could send PM’s yet. I don’t think I can just post the docs info up. Any suggestions?

MC: I think it’s OK to mention specific docs here. I’ve seen other posts with doc names and don’t recall anyone saying it was not allowed. I certainly understand if you don’t want to share that here, though. I would like to know if you are willing to say. I found one guy whose site and reviews are compelling, but he is a naturopath and I’m not sure if he can prescribe everything that might make sense for me. I’ve read that AZ NMDs can write for testosterone and hCG, but I don’t know about AI. I made a separate thread about it but no responses yet.

BTW, did you mean that your doc doesn’t see a need for an AI in your case or for anyone? Also, am I understanding you that he is OK with you self-injecting, but wants you to do it IM?


He didn’t see a need for me to take an AI. My levels were low. He wants me to inject test and HCG IM. I didn’t try to talk him into to subq injections. By time I found him I was tired of trying to explain and reason with doctors, he gave me the most important things, test and HCG. Needles and an AI are easy to get online and fairly inexpensive. I don’t believe injecting subq or IM will make a difference as long as the dose is the same.
He also wants me to inject once a week. I’ve been on that roller coaster before and didn’t like it, so I’m injecting twice a week.

I really don’t want to post his info here, if I was in his shoes I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me.

Sounds like you’re off to a good start with him. I would like to make an appointment with him if don’t feel like things are headed in the right direction when I next see my current Urologist in a month or so.

Anyone know how many posts one needs before they can PM?

They disabled PMs last year.

Great. MC, here’s an email address of mine that you can use. Once I hear from you I’ll delete it:

I promise I won’t mention you if/when I see him. I’ll just say I was looking for a good doc online and ran across his info. How’s that? Please let me know when you get a chance so I can take my email address down.


Email sent

Thanks, MC! Much appreciated.

I’m also in Arizona in the East Valley- looking for a doctor that knows what they’re doing. Could you please fwd this info to me as well? I’ve had no luck so far finding someone decent.

Thanks so much!

I live is Mesa and just started TRT with my primary doc. Would really like to find someone who knows what they are doing. Anyway I could get his info as well?