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TRT Doc in San Diego on Insurance?


I've been on sub q shots of cyp for a little over a year. Some real improvement in quality of life, but I also have a feeling I need more tweaking than my physician is willing to do. I have had bad experiences with endocrinologists (didn't believe I needed help) but am willing to try a good one. I live in San Diego and have a PPO, so a pretty broad network...I'd appreciate any recommendations for a good doctor here, as I can't pay out of pocket for an "anti-aging" doc here.



if u cant pay out of pocket for a doc there…do u mean u cant afford it, or is it just the area thats too dang expensive?

i know of a few really great clinics but dont take insurance… i work with my general physician here in middle cali if u can call it that, and with my clinic ive been with for years… let me know what ur looking for, then read the sticky on how to find a doc… which tells u to do this:

use google earth and type in compounding pharmacies, then select a few from ur area, call them, telephone interview them so u can find out what they know and if they take insurance…