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TRT Doc in San Diego on Insurance?

I’ve been on sub q shots of cyp for a little over a year. Some real improvement in quality of life, but I also have a feeling I need more tweaking than my physician is willing to do. I have had bad experiences with endocrinologists (didn’t believe I needed help) but am willing to try a good one. I live in San Diego and have a PPO, so a pretty broad network…I’d appreciate any recommendations for a good doctor here, as I can’t pay out of pocket for an “anti-aging” doc here.


if u cant pay out of pocket for a doc there…do u mean u cant afford it, or is it just the area thats too dang expensive?

i know of a few really great clinics but dont take insurance… i work with my general physician here in middle cali if u can call it that, and with my clinic ive been with for years… let me know what ur looking for, then read the sticky on how to find a doc… which tells u to do this:

use google earth and type in compounding pharmacies, then select a few from ur area, call them, telephone interview them so u can find out what they know and if they take insurance…

I also can only afford through a PPO plan too. Clinics feel too much like a finacial rip off. Not worth it for people like me who have 3 kids, MANY bills, piling dept, 2 cats, one dog.

Ucsd system is pretty good. Alot of TRT research going on. Dr Bastuba and Dr. Hsieh, They monitor blood pretty well. The best i ever had so far is Dr Aaron Spitz in OC. He’s Close friends with Abraham Morgentaler and he DOES take ppo. He administers regular routine DRE and PSA tests every visit. He monitors EVERYTHING.

I’m not saying it will be the same for you but I personally I am finding it cheaper without insurance than with, just on blood tests alone. My current insurance would not cover any of my blood test, even the ones that my PCP doctor would routinely run for yearly exam so I was still paying out of pocket. I am currently paying $40 dollars for my T and E2 bloods with my TRT doctor, through insurance I was charged over $200 just for my T. For CBC, Lipid, Metabolic, TSH, Free T4, T and Free T I was charged just over $700. There is no way I could afford that on a regular basis and that was with “insurance”. Maybe your plan would cover better but mine was screwing me because they wouldn’t cover anything because it was not preventative and then because it went through insurance and insurance based labs the price was marked way up. There are small clinics out there that work out discounts with labs (or use discounted labs, still better than with insurance) and compounding pharmacies if you look around. Mine isn’t necessarily a TRT clinic but a Naturopath that works in a chiropractors office that does a lot of TRT.

You are correct. I think I probably have a very good insurance plan. I have three kids and a wife and I had to get us on the best medical insurance coverage that my company offered which basically makes us pay about $800 a month. My out-of-pocket expense for testosterone is about $14.50 for every 200 mg of testosterone

Yeah not sure on what my out of pocket would be for the test itself. I was not low enough for insurance to cover me for that and PCP wasn’t going to help me whatsoever. Just the lab tests to properly monitor me though would break me as just the blood test was 5x what I pay now. I thought I had a decent insurance plan until I got the bill for my bloods. Looking it up it would be $13.81 for 200mg 90 day supply under insurance. So on that aspect it is cheaper as I pay $40 right now but again labs would kill me.

Damn on that premium though, I’m bitching up a storm due to mine going from somewhere around $260 a month to $400 at the beginning of the year for my wife and 3 kids. I’m guessing you are not on high deductible though?

From what i can tell, my prescription detectible is $100 yearly. The plan is very expensive. My first daughters delivery cost like $500 and insurance covered 60k

Im considering going half and half. Let urologist proscribe and order labs and let clinic review and direct.

If you read enough. You can get the testosterone prescribed and do it yourself.
You know what labs to get to.

I do everything through insurance. And find Drs that do what I tell them. Lol.

I mean you read guys that went to defy. They do the same shit. But they send you all the meds and supps. Supps which you may not need. :moneybag::moneybag:. It’s all in the protocol. And you on This forum. You are on the cutting edge. :smiley:

And if you encounter disease trt clinic can’t do shit with that. You would need an Endo or urologist or whatever specialist

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As it should be. My doc doesnt act pushy at all. Luckily hes pretty understanding.

I hope i can get jay campbell good and just cut out that middle guy.

That makes sense. We have a high deductible that is $3000 so anything that is not preventative is out of pocket. My company makes up for it a little by putting $1200 in my HSA every year though.

Oh i had an HSA. Garbage. For us at least. We never used it all and it got flushed by years end. “FLexible spending”. :frowning: not to mention the recipts we had to submitt constantly for approval.

I did the FSA once and lost it all. HSA rolls over though so you don’t lose it, not that it mattered, trying to figure stuff out I burned through it all last year. Haven’t had to submit receipts yet just run a card that is linked to my account and pulls it out just like a debit card.

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That blows. Im considering going to kiaser down the road. Same benefit, SUPER cheap. But in network docs so gotta hope to find a good one. Between cigna, which i have now and Kieser its a 600 dollar difference per month.

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