TRT Doc in Kansas City Area?

I suspect that I have low T as I have been reading up on the symptoms and I’m looking for a good doc to go to in the Kansas City area to get tested. I was just going to go to a local endocrinologist but after reading through some posts here it sounds like that’s not always the best way to go.

Also, has anyone been to or heard anything about the Low T Center located in Leawood? I came across this place while doing some research and I’m curious to see if anyone has any experience with them.


There is a TRT center, not sure exactly where, that seems to be mostly a T-pellet operation. Find out first to see if you are hitting a one size cookie cutter operation.

Many places do not take insurance. What is your budget?

You can do a male panel on your own and skip the high lab costs via a doctor and one or two appointment costs on top of that.


Cheaper in some cases to get the membership first.

There is a sticky for finding a TRT doc. Read the other stickies too! You will learn a lot more there than via your thread here. The advice for new guys sticky is a great starting point.

Note that the symptoms of low testosterone and low thyroid hormones are similar and we also see many guys here who have problems with both. So you do need a TSH test and should check your body temperatures at waking and mid afternoon.

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Thanks for the info. I do have insurance however I have a high deductable plan meaning I’ll be footing most of the bill. So cost is definitely an issue.

I have been thinking about going to a lab and getting blood work done to check my levels without having to incur the cost of going to a doctor. I’m not sure how much an office visit and blood work would cost but I assume it’s more than just going to a lab.

If anyone has a doctor they like in the KC area I would appreciate your input. If we can’t PM then we can do email.

We no longer can exchange PM’s with new guys. And we do not get any useful explanations of how long one needs to be signed up or how many posts one makes.

I don’t know what is going on? I was able to PM, but I can’t any more other then when I sent one to a Mod they got it. They responded saying they are aware of the problems I am not the only one experiancing it, and they are working on it.

No one posts email in a forum! Watch cobra’s threads.

Im in the KC area and have definatley heard of the low T center. They are blowing it up on advertising and they seem like a well oiled machine. I dont know much about their process but it seems 70% of their clintele is the bb complete nutrition types an 30% old dudes wanting boners. As a matter of fact a friend of mine recomended I see them after my shoulder surgery becuase they could speed up healing. Also I heard they take insurance and most anybody gets approved. Im just speculating but it seems like the steriod version of medical marijuana. Its not hard to get and unless your being tested its probably a way to get bigger stronger faster if you have the cash… Im not endorsing it but since this thread was on have you herd of LTC yes and this is what Ive heard.

I know that there is a pellet centric operation somewhere there.

Aluka how did it go? I’ve got a appointment with them Friday… I’m hoping I can convince them I need hgh… I’ve got a shoulder that’s healing from surgery I need to fast track…I own a construction biz and I’m loosing money bad just sitting around

I never did go. Still looking into other issues that could be causing my low T before I try TRT. Let me know what your thoughts are on them if you did end up going.