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TRT Doc in Denver?

Is anyone seeing a doc they are pleased with in the Denver area? I’m located in Colorado Springs, and have found that there really are no experts here. Looking to head up to the big city if there is someone good up there!


  • Hakrjak

@Hakrjak - Did you ever find a doc in Denver?

What Dr did you end up going with in Denver? Many people on the forum recommend Dr Mills but he is hard to get in to see. I was told 3 months waiting period.

Not sure who is good in the Denver area now – but I was seeing Mills for years, and ended up following him to LA for appointments now that he’s at UCLA.

In the 2nd post of the 1st forum topic, follow the link for ‘finding a TRT doc’

Contact: http://www.collegepharmacy.com/index.php?/mens_health
and ask for referrals noting your protocol of preference.

see links here: