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TRT Discontinuation After 2 Months

I’m currently on Test En 175mg every three weeks.

T levels were good going in, but bioavailability was low. Apparently I don’t need much test. First month was fine, then BAM, panic attack and anxiety. Haven’t been able to shake it. I’ve had issues with anxiety in the past but usually after about three weeks or so it starts to subside. Not this time. As I get closer to my injection day my anxiety gets worse. I need to figure out if this testosterone protocol is making my anxiety worse. So I’m quitting cold turkey. I don’t expect my urologist to give me anything for PCT.

My last month has been full of heart palpitations, freezing hands and feet, and tingling sensations. When I told doc I was having anxiety and panic, he said he’s never heard of that happening before. Then He told me to lower my dosage from 200 to 175 because my test levels were too high 10 days post injection.

My last shot was almost three weeks ago, I currently have a killer headache, anxiety and panic and feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I’m exhausted, like ridiculously tired.

My question is this, how long am I in for feeling like garbage? I’m fine with going back to pre-TRT levels for a while to see if I can get this anxiety under control. I know my dosage was minuscule, and time on has been super short, so do you think it would be safe to assume a quick bounce back?

Your protocol is rocking your world right now. The 175mg of Test E is almost completely out of your system at 3 weeks. Even at the 2 week point it’d be extremely low. This is causing huge hormonal swings and no doubt the cause of all the issues you’re having. Here’s two graphs showing your current protocol vs 50mg twice per week.


Your protocol is the stupidest thing Ive read. The problem is not TRT but the protocol

Ya, I gathered as much, but without a doctor who is willing to help with the protocol, I’m stuck. I’m in Canada, so it’s not as easy as just going to a TRT clinic. So I want to discontinue until I can find proper help.

So, you’re saying that this protocol can Indeed cause/exasperate anxiety problems then?

And bounce back from this bs will be long and gruelling or not bad considering dose and the amount of time?

Thanks, that’s a little reassuring. I asked for more frequent dosing but they’re not interested. I’m dumbfounded. Plus when they are doing follow up blood work they aren’t even checking bio-avail. Which is what we are trying to correct. Only reg Test. It’s a red flag for me.

Yea that’s frustrating. I’ve been through a similar situation before and bad protocol management was worse than being off it for me. I gave it a rest for about a year and made some lifestyle changes (diet/exercise) then found a provider that would allow me to self inject at home. Now things are going much better.

Ya, I’m much worse off with this protocol than when I was before I was on it. I was feeling okay, just low libido and harder to lose fat, I’d rather have that stuff than what I’m dealing with now. I’ll likely try again one day, but for now I’ve got to get my anxiety in check. I feel like I can handle any kind of non lethal sides… except anxiety and panic.

When you went off for a year, did you do any PCT? Or just CT? I’m currently CT at 3 weeks, (because I’m not taking my next shot tomorrow) wondering if I should just ride it out or if I need to ask for something. I’m trying to figure out when this anxiety might lift, or at least when me old balls will start picking up the slack again. Maybe this week will be an upswing? (4 weeks since last shot)

I was on one shot every two weeks and too much AI which had me feeling awful. Because of this I really didn’t notice much change getting off of it. I didn’t do a PCT and after about a month I started feeling more normal. It would probably be better to do one if your doctor is willing to prescribe it but I didn’t know any better at that time.

It should be every 5 days to minimize the swings thus causing your panic attacks and all, but your doctor is probably not experienced with trt. 100 mg every 5 days is decent, your dose is too low. Do not quit cold turkey.

The anxiety and terrible feeling you are experiencing is likely from excess conversion of Testosterone to Estradiol. Do 50mg twice per week instead. This is often the perfect TRT protocol.
If after 2 months of holding at this new protocol you still feel bad, get your thyroid and cortisol checked. Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3 and 24 Hour Saliva Cortisol.

Ya, unfortunately my doc isn’t prescribing enough to follow that protocol. I have a prescription for half that, and it’s just about finished. TBH I want to come off to see if being off will make a difference in my anxiety. I don’t want to chance staying on and anxiety hanging around… I won’t be able to handle another 2 months of this, especially because I’m not into taking benzos and don’t want to start SSRIs because they do for me the reverse of what I’m looking for in TRT. If I find I’m good (tolerable anxiety) off of TRT I can chalk it up to bad protocol and seek a better doctor who can actually help and take the time to order proper labs. I just got a requisition from him and all he is checking is total test. I checked Estradiol a week ago and it was right in the middle of normal range, mind you it wasn’t the sensitive E2 that I keep hearing about.

I’m currently paying a whack load of cash to a therapist for CBT, but I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle if TRT is in fact making anxiety worse.

Question is how long would it take to reach homeostasis after injecting 175mg 3 weeks ago. I’ve only done 3 injections total. Could 3 injections lead to testicular atrophy already?

In case it matters: 41year old, 180lbs 15% BF lifting for 15ish years. I wanted TRT for low sex-drive, but you can’t get the benefits of testosterone for your sex drive when you are crippled with anxiety.

Maybe you do a decent pct cycle since you want to come down trt.
500 iu hcg every other day 6x , taper down slowly.

Then introduce the tamoxifen at the 7 th day. Do the usual 40 30 20 20.
It’s always better to get bloodwork so you know the next step.

Can you split into daily dosages and start injecting every day with insulin syringes sub-q?
But you need like 150mg per week

You’re already off, don’t take anything. You’ll be “normal” in a week or two, you’re not really shutting down, just getting suppressed badly and briefly. Canada is a big place, be more specific and maybe someone can advise you on a doctor.


Thanks, I’m in Toronto.

I know there’s a clinic in Butlington. There should be several options in TO, but I don’t personally know them. I think the guy in Burlington is Larry Koman.

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Highly unlikely. I’m sure they were doing less by then but atrophy, doubt it.

This guy actually looks promising. My guy doesn’t specialize in TRT. Looking at his reviews now, TRT is way left field of his specialty.

I thought TRT was TRT. How could they be so off with their protocols? Does once every three weeks actually work for some people? (I asked him why he chose that dosing schedule and he said that it’s standard, once every two to four weeks). And if it doesn’t work, then how is it even considered as a “standard protocol”? It seems obvious to me and I’m a dummy. How can doctors get it that wrong?

Is it common for some people to get anxiety from taking test?

It’s not standard. The box says every two weeks, it’s a lot smoother once a week, or more often depending.