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TRT Dilemma. Headaches w/ Shots


Quick recap. Been on TRT for about 5 months. Started out on Testim Gel which didn't work. It lowered my T levels even more and raised my E2 levels. I switched To T Cyp injections and have been on them for 3 months. Here is my current protocol. 100 mg of T cyp injected once a week, 1mg of Arimidex divided up weekly, 100mg COQ10, Fish Oil, Multi Vit, 4000iu Vit D, Baby Aspirin, Crestor 10mg, Tricor 145mg.

So far so good with results. Libido is up, more energy, better workouts, evening and nighttime erections. Here is my problem. The T cyp is giving me bad pressure like headaches. Also, it slightly raises my BP. I did my last T shot, waited 5 days then had blood drawn for new results. I have not had a new T shot now for almost 2 weeks and my headaches are gone and BP is back to low/normal.

This tells me the headaches are from the shots. What are my options. I want the benefits of TRT but the headaches suck. Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, etc., do nothing for them. They are pretty intense. Could there be something in the T Cyp compound that is giving me headaches or could it be from my new raised T levels. Is there something else besides gels I could try to raise my T.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Here are 2 sets of labs. My before TRT and after which were just taken about 2 weeks ago.

Labs before TRT:
Test Total: 212 (Ref Range: 250-1100)
DHEA: 390 (Ref Range: 61-1636)
Test Free: 58 (Ref Range: 46.0-224.0)
Test Bio: 131.9 (Ref Range: 110.0-575.0)
Test SHBG 17 (Ref Range: 8-48)
Test Albumin: 5.0 (Ref Range: 3.6-5.1)
Dihydrotest: 23 (Ref Range: 25-75)
Estradiol: 26 (Ref Range: 11.6-41.2)
Cortisol: 13.8 (Ref Range: 4.3-22.4)
FSH: 2.3 (Ref Range: 1.4-18.1)
LH: 3.5 (Ref Range: 1.5-9.3)
Total PSA: 0.4
Free PSA 0.1
% Free PSA 25
Cholesterol 210
Triglycerides 176
LDL 142
HDL 33
TSH: 1.17 (0.35-5.50)
Free T4 1.25 (0.76-1.70)
Free T3 3.30 (2.3-4.2)

Current Labs Taken on 11/24/10:
Test Total: 658 (Ref Range: 250-1100)
DHEA: 303 (Ref Range: 61-1636)
Test Free: 145.0 (Ref Range: 46.0-224.0)
Test Bio: 310.7 (Ref Range: 110.0-575.0)
Test SHBG 18 (Ref Range: 8-48)
Test Albumin: 4.7 (Ref Range: 3.6-5.1)
Dihydrotest: 41 (Ref Range: 25-75)
Estradiol: 24 (Ref Range: 11.6-41.2)
Total PSA: 0.5
Free PSA 0.1
% Free PSA 20
WBC 5.7 (Ref Range: 4.0-11.0)
RBC 5.0 (Ref Range: 4.3-5.9)
HGB 14.7 (Ref Range: 14.0-18.0)
HCT 43.7 (Ref Range: 42-52 %)
MCV 87.3 (Ref Range: 79-101 fL)
MCH 29.3 (Ref Range: 26-35)
MCHC 33.6 (Ref Range: 31-37)
RDW 14.5 (Ref Range: 11.5-14.5 %)
PLT 229 (Ref Range: 130-500)
MPV: 7.9 (Ref Range: 7.4-10.4)
LYMPH: 30.5 (Ref Range: 20-40)
MONO: 8.1 (Ref Range: 0-9)
GRAN: 58.4 (Ref Range: 50-70)
EO: 2.2 (Ref Range: 0-3)
BASO: 0.8 (Ref Range: 0-2)

BP Average: 136/84 while on T Cyp
BP Average: 118/78 while off T Cyp



taking 100mg of T-Cyp once weekly is known to cause problems with a certain set of people. Have you tried breaking down your dose to 50mg E3D or 30mg EOD and seeing how you react?

Also, arimidex is only needed (I believe) IF your T is being pushed above your personal genetic optimal point. Have you thought about reducing your dosage slightly to see if you can eliminate the need for Arimidex while still keeping the benefits of optimal T?

any chance that Crestor or Tricor are causing the issue? I.E. the T has helped fixed your issues that you were taking Crestor and Tricor for, so now you are overmedicating? have you tried taking the T without those? I am NOT advising stopping without talking with your doctor as I know nothing about these medications or your reasons for taking them.




I was thinking of trying injecting 50mg of Test Cyp E3D to see if that helps. As far as the Arimidex is concerned I'm not sure what my E2 levels would be at without it. Some weeks I actually take less than the 1mg. My average is probably around 0.75mg of arimidex a week.

Right now my E2 is around 24 with it. I've been on the Crestor and Tricor for years with no known side effects. High cholesterol runs in my family so I pretty much need to be on it. I am planning on getting a new Lipid panel done in about a month to see if my cholesterol levels have improved while on TRT.


Some T products are generated from yam based feedstocks and others are soy based. Some have soy allergies.

Check BP when you have the headaches and when you do not.


KSman: Other than my headache problem, do my follow up labs look okay. This is my first blood panel since starting the injections.



Headache is a common side effect of both meds. Additionally, driving estrogen too low can cause headaches, but I see that your estradiol is about perfect in your follow up labs.


With weekly injections, your TT, FT and E2 levels are greatly determined by your lab timing. Anastrozole twice a week is bad too. Try injecting twice a week and see if that has any effect on head aches. Then do labs 1/2 between those injections. Take anastrozole at time of injection.

To prove a point re benefit re headaches or not, you could do everything EOD for a while.

You can try switching brands of T cyp, perhaps to T eth as well. What brand are you using now?


Did an injection last week and my BP was slightly up along with mild headaches after injection. Headaches weren't as bas this time. Interestingly after about 4 days BP went back to normal and headaches were gone. I think switching to twice a week injections is my best bet. The brand I've been getting at the Dr's office is from Sandoz. I called Costco which is much cheaper than local pharmicies and they carry Watson and Paddock. Are there any brands that are better or have a better reputaion than others. I probably could request a certain one. Also, my insurance doesn't cover test cyp yet they somehow cover Testim Gel so I will be paying out of pocket.