TRT Diet and Training Help


I’m currently on 200ml shot 1xwk and I’m at about 32%bf. My question is now that I’m feeling great and sleeping better. Should I eat at a maintenance level or restrict? I hit the gym 3xwk doing 5x5, I’m a electrician at a 3 million sq ft facility so I’m pretty active 12hrs+ a day… let me know and thanks in advanve

I would think you would want to lower the bf to a healthy level. I don’t like dieting, but more of a healthy lifestyle change. Cut out processed foods, eat more vegetables and limit refined sugars. Have a good workout program. If you prefer to diet and track your calories, maybe try a 500 cal deficit. That’s worked well for me when I tried that strategy.

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I started tracking what I was normally eating for 2 months, there were days I was near 7k calories :flushed:. I was pretty shocked as my body weight 250lbs never moved for the entire 2 months give or take a pound or so. I’m pretty routine oriented so every Monday morning I weighed myself fasted. I spoke with a few nutritionist and a few people online and dropped my calories down to 2600…I was worried since that is such a massive drop from my average of 5800cals a day. I’ve had my blood work done several times and have monitored my body temp and everything suggests my thyroid is fine…but man I have to keep my hunger in check about every two to two and a half hours cause my stomach is growling and my energy levels dip. I get a little anxious and panicky…very strange