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TRT Didn't Work For Me

If I was a doctor, I would:

(1) Begin a typical patient with 100 mg/ Cyp per week.

(2) I would then add 100 mg/week until he, THE PATIENT, the guy who’s SUFFERING HERE, told me he felt great. If he needs 1000 mg/week, so be it.

(3) I would then test his PSA and E2 at regular intervals.

(4) I would run ancillaries as necessary.

But, that’s just me, wtf do I know…goddamned doctors…

You sound way ahead of my doctor.

[quote]plymouth city wrote:
Good post. Get thyroid checked . Remember that most endos are clueless and look at TSH, and that is pointless on its own. You MUST have a T3 test, that is crucial to seeing whats going on. [/quote]

I checked the LEF BTs currently offered as a package. Neither the male panel, the male hormone panel, nor the hormone modulating profile include T3. I imagine it can be added for an additional fee.

[quote]KSman wrote:
MichaelOH wrote:

If you search, you will find things like this:
“”"Thyroid disorders can affect our sense of well-being, our metabolism and our ability to ward off viruses and bacteria.

Some of the most common symptoms of low thyroid are weight gain, depression, fatigue, nonrefreshing sleep, anxiety/panic attacks, brittle nails, constipation, diffuse hair loss, sensitivity to cold, significantly calloused heels, chronic yeast infections and even infertility."""

Tyroid problems can easily show up as unspecific symptoms that are easily attributed to other things… such as getting older. The only definative thing is test results.

Well, those dont seem to be a good match for my lethargy and stubborn weight. But I think its worth testing, gonna do BW in any case. What I can say is that my libido and wood have been deteriorating for over a month. This lasT WE was pathetic.

The girlfriend came up, only see her every other weekend. Wood sucked. Libido was at a lifetime low. Only weeks ago I was pounding it enthusiastically, just as I was last year BEFORE trt. Fortunately the GF thinks I’m a stud dog. So I have some time to get this sorted out.

Not down about it just waiting to get back to normal.

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