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TRT - Did I Go Too Far?

Hey Guys, Just wanted some quick opinions from some of you to get an idea. It’s been a while since I had my levels checked, and will be a while still until I can go to my appt. I’m thinking I want to adjust the dose before I even get there though so I’m asking the hive mind.

So, I did 3 things at the same time and I think it’s biting me in the ass right now.

I was doing 60mg t cyp. e3.5d IM. (120/week equiv)

Then all at once (I know, don’t yell at me) I went EOD, SubQ, and 40mg (140/week equiv)

At 60mg E3.5d IM Labs showed total T at 666 (249-836) and free T at 168.2 (48-250)

So I concurrently did 2 things that make the T dose more effective while also increasing the dose. What are the odds I pushed this too far?

I should mention that there were a couple of times I forgot to inject and noticed I felt better, which sort of caused me to look back and rediscover all of this.

Secondary question, if I have to reduce do you know what the adjustment will be like? I have a month left of Organic Chemistry II and I’d hate to be an apathetic slog who can’t concentrate for the final exam :smile:

It sound like estrogen is maybe a little elevated and when you skipped an injection, estrogen lowered and you felt better. The solution is simple, inject smaller doses every 2 days and this should lower estrogen and maintain steadier levels.

I wouldn’t want lower testosterone if I were you, I would want all levels higher and frequent dosing will do just that.

I can only speak for myself, I am not you and I do not know how your biology works. Maybe you should wait till after the exam to make changes to your protocol.