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TRT & Dating Curiosity


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1st rule of fight club.

Telling someone you’re on TRT is something you do after you get to know the person, when the relationship has progressed to a point where it’s serious, not on your first date or after you’ve built trust.


I’m on that juice bruhhh

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Do you mean to say but after you’ve built trust?

This was my thinking too, I just wasn’t sure if some women may be a bit weird about it due to the potential / temporary infertility effects that can come with it.

Tell everyone to gain more recruits?

“Don’t talk kabout Fight Club”. It depends on you. I’ve been married almost 30 years so I couldn’t tell you about dating, but you’re not doing anything illegal. Do you really want to try and build a life with someone whose values are different than yours?

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Well, women have been hearing good things about TRT dick so it may get you laid instantaneously.

When would you tell them if you were diabetic and had to take insulin shots?

Same thing imo


Wait until you have a fight about something and you get pissed. TRT will be her go-to excuse for your “temper”.


This was my experience. She was against it from the start tho.

Other girls I just wait until they catch me doing my shot then explain

Edit: this was in reply to Roscoe’s comment. Not sure why the quote was deleted

Similar IMO, but insulin is required short term for survival, TRT is not. It is meant to boost ones life.

Was close to being married when I started TRT, so all the pros and cons were talked about before starting. I explained research into fertility and the efficacy of drugs used on males for fertility. We decided it was worth it.

If I was dating, I would bring it up at about the time one goes from dating to being in a relationship.

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I didn’t bring it up because I didn’t think it mattered. Even in the 70s, I think most of them assumed I was anyway.

With my wife, it did come up, but not in any particular context. She was looking for a knife and opened the wrong drawer. It was well stocked at the time. I think we both knew we were going to get married at the time, I certainly thought so. I said, “oh, that’s where I keep my anabolic steroids”. She just looked at me and said, “I knew you took them the first time I saw you.” No one talked about it outside of the inner circle, but apparently it was not the secret we thought it was.

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Now that is a compliment. Got any “back in the day” pictures?

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Nothing I can post. She was an athlete, and is very smart.

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The same time when you would share any other long term health issue that you have.
I think it happens when people get close enough


I would argue that TRT is necessity for not only quality of life but also longevity as well therefore required long term for survival. Maybe a better comparison would be to BP meds or some other long term drug required to minimize damage to our bodies from our own system(s). Hypogonadism is an incurable disease.


I agree, and I am on TRT because of the benefits. I could have survived with my levels TT ~ 390 ng/dL [~300-950], FT ~ 12ish [~10-25]. I just felt like at 30-31 at the time of starting that I would eventually have really low T, and why have the levels of a 70 Y/O and the extra body fat and less muscle waiting to get to 100 Y/O levels to start. I look much better (was called swole at the gym yesterday) and have more energy now.

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I just tell whatever girl I’m with that my body doesn’t produce it how it’s supposed to so I’m prescribed it to keep my body functioning like it’s supposed to. Then I’ll “accidentally” leave the prescription paper on the table on purpose so she can see it’s from a doctor and doesn’t have to second guess whether it’s really prescribed or not because I let them know fairly quickly about my past even though I haven’t touched opiates in a long time.

Just out of curiosity, would you expect a woman you are dating to tell you if she is on HRT?

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