TRT, Daily Tadalafil, and Party Drugs?

I hope this is not off-topic or unauthorized (in which case I will remove this post). I was curious about party drugs, such as ecstasy, cocaine and 3MMC, in combination with TRT and daily tadalafil.

Obviously safety is an issue, TRT involved or not, as we’re talking about dangerous substances. That being said, how dangerous are we talking about? Main thing I’d be worry about is cardiovascular aspects.

Like with every harmful thing, it depends of your dosage. If you take take 0.2 grams of cocain and ecstasy twice a year, it won’t kill you. Never had issues, even in the gym.

If you take it often, well, that’s another story. Plus all the various shit used to cut it…

Well, theoretically the acutely cardiotoxic effect of cocaine can kill you in an acute setting. In laymens terms cocaine induces systemic vasoconstriction (sympathetic nervous system up-regulation) whilst simultaneously increasing cardiac output. So you’ve got the increase in heart rate and concurrent arterial vasoconstriction. Over time this will cause the heart to become thicker (cardiomyopathy) and unlike athletes heart (usually), cocaine induced cardiac hypertrophy is associated with a deterioration in cardiac function.

Furthermore, sodium channel blockade can facilitate QT prolongation which in an acute interval can induce fatal arrhythmias (torsades de pointes → ventricular fibrillation)… Systemic vasoconstriction induced via coke can also cause coronary vasospasm and thus AMI independently of CAD being present, this risk is strongly elevated if cocaine is combined with nicotine/other stimulants. Cocaine + alcohol when consumed in conjunction forms cocaethylene via hepatic transesterification, cocaethylene is far more toxic comparative to cocaine alone. Cocaine is a scary one, however the truth is… you’re correct, you PROBABLY won’t die… but you can. I’m almost certainly forgetting to mention certain dangers that exist, but the cardiovascular side effects of cocaine are the most concerning of all.

Also, with “ecstasy”, the purported substance is MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). The majority of “ecstasy” sold on the market statistically isn’t ecstasy, sometimes the substitutes/cutting agents used/sold as ecstasy have far lower LD50’s comparative to MDMA alone (a relatively safe compound if pure and used VERY sparingly). So unless OP has a way to test what he has, it’s probably not the safest to take.

As to 3MMC, I don’t even know what that is, sounds like a designer substance… in which case aside from anecdotal reports, we have no idea regarding the pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of the substance… nor do we have the faintest idea regarding potential long term adverse effects. Reminds me of 2-CB (In Europe), it was popular amongst the teenage demographic over there, however very little data exists regarding dose dependent toxicity, effect on neurology etc. Therefore aside from anecdote, it could theoretically be like playing Russian roulette. With 2-cb acutely it SEEMS to be rather safe… But what are the long term effects, what’s the LD50? We just don’t know…

A problem with cocaine + Cialis… probably the potential for priapism.

@PitchBlackProgress, what dose of TRT do you take? What do you’re labs look like?

I’ve never actually taken any of the substances you’ve mentioned above. Therefore my input may not be entirely relevant. I’d argue if someone is going to take these substances, harm reductionist strategies are imperative. Testing (purity/ensuring you know what you’ve got), using the minimal effective dose etc is a good idea.

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