TRT / Cycle Newbie Help Please

Hey everyone. I am 39 years old and diagnosed with very low T last year. My levels were 81, 89, 101, 111 in four months 8am draws. This was low enough for my Doc to put me on injected Test Cyp every 14 days (2 weeks). after being on the shots for 2 months, I noticed that the 14 days wasn’t cutting it. I felt great on day 2 thru 10 but felt like crap days 1 and 11 thru 14. So I went back and had the doc look at me again.

So little body hair, no erections in the AM, yadda yadda. Frustrated as hell. So they decided instead of 200mg per 14 days, it should be 200 per week. Well this was working MUCH better until all of a sudden I guess my body shut down for a while. I was told 4 weeks ago to bump it to 300mg per week. I have been feeling awesome. Body hair, erections, sex and my muscles are developing back to the way they were 15 years ago.

So I guess you know where this is going.

I went to the doc for a physical last week and they drew blood. A different doc read the results and my test level was free 62 and total 1220.
So of course I am freaking out about these numbers. The new doc is freaking out and telling me I should never have been put on T because it is junk science.

So here is the question amios… how long will I have to drop back on the T to let my levels drop to acceptable for this new doogie to quit peeing his pants over the numbers?

I took a shot yesterday of 300mg as prescribed.

How long will it take for my levels to return to “normal” ranges so this squawking can settle down?
I do not want them to drop back all my T and let me crash like they are talking. I can schedule my appointment anytime I wish, but would like to know how long I should wait and then request another test to show the levels are lower etc.

Any advice is appreciated!!!

I kinda view your question as I view volume control. They say to avoid damaging your ears, turn the knob very low and gradually increase the level to where it is acceptable to you. The same can be said about TRT. You don’t want to go on a high dose right away but fine tune it to where you are asymptomatic at the lowest dose.

Don’t listen to your doc that says T is “junk science”. I had a routine blood test done and decided to schedule an appointment with a doctor that was closer to me. I explained my diagnosis of Hypogonadism and explained that I had an MRI to rule out any pituitary abnormalities. He looked at be baffled, saying “Why would they schedule an MRI on the brain for?”. I explained to him the HPTA axis and how the pituitary gland can affect T levels and he kept shaking his head. He was saying it’s all about the testicles and asked if I where boxers.

So should I turn the volume down to 200mg per week again and then schedule my appointment?

How long will it take for my T level to go back down to “normal”

Try 100mg a week, divided into two doses (50mg 2x). 300mg/wk is basically a mild cycle (500mg/wk is considered a starter cycle). Your levels will drop down quite a bit in two weeks, maybe three. Sounds like you need a new doc too - do they have you on hcg and an AI? Read the stickies - educate yourself so you can talk sense to your doctor. Educate him if necessary. If that isn’t an option, find another doc. I’m on my third doc in a year now.

New doc, new opinion. Wants me to drop back to 200mg per week for 1 month and then check again.
The issue was, blood was taken 24 hours after injection of 300mg. So it was a possible spike ? I guess that is what the deal is.

So anyway, drop back to 200mg per week, then check in 1 month at the end of the week instead of near the injection day.

Does any of this sound right to anyone? Given I am new to all this and have read a bunch of stuff already. Guess I just need reassurance.


200mg may be OK if the 1220 was the day after a shot. Give it a month and then check, as you mentioned. Does your doc have you on hCG and an AI? Are you having an estrogen related sides? Get your E2 checked with your next blood work (make sure it is sensitive assay for males!). You need to be dividing that dosage up into at least 2 shots per week, rather than 1. That will help maintain more level numbers, and help with T>E conversion.