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TRT Credentials Thread

Name: Jason
Age: 47
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 213
Formal education: high school grad
Medical professional?: nope
Years on TRT: just a little over a year
Years training: off and on 20+. But steadily back 1year
Current protocol: test cyp 100mg once a week and 25mcg levothyroxine once a day
Total and free T: will update at and of month with new bloodwork
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: learning as I go. I’m a husband and father who just wants to be healthier. Currently going to the gym 5-6 days a week.

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Name: NH or Watts works
Age: 48
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 215
Photo: Once I look like dextermorgan I will post it (I still don’t but am still posting something with good lighting on a rest day)

Formal education: Some college
Medical professional?: No, Network Engineer
Facebook: No
YouTube: No
Instagram: Too personal
Other social media: NH_Watts' TRT Log
Years on TRT: 2 (optimized less than 1 year)
Years training: 18 (seriously for 8) Currently 5/3/1
Current protocol: 60mg E3.5D T-cyp (50mg DHEA, 100mg Preg)
Total and free T: No bloods for current protocol however:
(50mg@E3.5D) 100mg a week put me at 850 TT and 22 FT (trough)
(70mg@E3.5D) 140mg a week puts me at 1137 TT and 30 FT (trough).
(60mg EOD) 210mg a week puts me at 1998 TT and 46 FT (EOD so no real trough)

Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I’m just a student here trying to learn and relay information to new comers. I try to base my knowledge on science rather than perception and anecdotal information I come across but again, always learning. I read a lot and listen to a lot of podcasts within this realm.

Ive seen a lot of positive changes in my physique in the last year between fat loss and muscle & strength increases. Recently been hitting a lot of PRs.

Recently quit alcohol for good, in September '19, as it didnt align with my priorities anymore.

Been with my wife for 25 years (married 16) and have 3 kids 14F, 12M, 9F that keep me very busy.


Age: 41
Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 175
Photo: sure
Formal education: IT / certifications and etc
Medical professional?: No

Years on TRT: New. Started dec 2018
Years training: 30-41 cycling and weights on and off

Current protocol: scrotal Cream and thyroid .

Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level:

I started TRT and the thought of having to take T and block a by product of something my body creates didn’t sit well with me.

Long story short I ran into jay Campbell who introduced me to Dr Nichols and etc

I followed his advice before and after becoming a patient.

He would answer questions and send me emails to help educate me so that I can pass on valuable information to others.

I know the basics. I do not have an underlying knowledge of medicine and that means my ability to help is hyper focused on TRT and thyroid.

Everything I believe is based on medical literature and studies my doctor has shared and explained with me. Including dr. Howell who is a researcher by trade and is an expert in medical studies.

Anthony Llabres; Russ scala; Eric Serrano, and dr. grant are all on the list of professionals I listen and talk with when I have questions I cannot answer . Not so much Serrano, but I respect and listen intently when he shares knowledge with us. Great guy.


Name: highpull
Age: 66
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 222
Photo: nope
Formal education: yes, terminal degrees
Medical professional?: yes
Facebook: no
YouTube: no
Instagram: no
Other social media: no
Years on TRT: 7
Years training: 48
Current protocol: 170mg once weekly
Total and free T: 880-920 and 200-220
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: 15yrs competitive Olympic weightlifter, PED use (we all did), TRT practitioner, Worldlink Medical/Neal Rouzier trained, also defense expert on malpractice claims. My “job” is not work. I live to help people. I encourage patients to learn as much as they can. I do the same and as such, I like to know what they are reading.


Name: Michael
Age: 42
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: pre TRT 212lbs currently 193lbs
Photo: There are already several photos of me on this forum. Check my log(s).
Formal education: Associate in Digital Electronics / LAN and PC Repair
Medical professional?: Not even close. Software and Web developer. Also do programming for commercial controls systems.
Facebook: None
YouTube: None
Instagram: None
Other social media: This forum and one other (unrelated to anything discussed here)
Years on TRT: 1.5
Years training: Off and on my entire adulthood. Steady for the last 2.5 years with the exception of the last couple of months (bought a house and have been enjoying all of the chaos that entails). Ramping back up now.
Current protocol: 28mg Daily
Total and free T: Last labs (October ‘19) Total 679 ng/dL Free 25.2 pg/mL
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I’m generally pretty outgoing and offer my opinions and facts based on my own personal research and experience (which means that these “facts” are also my opinion in all reality). I researched TRT and joined this forum before I started TRT in order to gain the best understanding that I possibly could before I committed to this. I continue researching the topic as much as possible. I have been a student of diet and weight training, though I must concede that there have been points in my life that I have not been the best at practicing what I have learned.

If there is any way I can offer something to a discussion (even if it’s just another angle of thought that is not being considered) I will.

I typically have no patience for people who feel the need to belittle or look down on others. Everybody had to start this journey with ZERO knowledge. Some of us tend to forget that from time to time.

Non TRT information:

I’ve been a musician since the age of 12. Wrote my first QBasic program at that same age. Been married since 1995 to the same wonderful gal and have two boys 20 and 17. Moved from down south to Montana a shade over 5 years ago and recently purchased the home that I will hopefully grow old in. I am an avid fitness hound but I also try to give myself room to allow life to happen. My main goals are to be healthy and live a full life that includes being a part of my grandchildren’s lives (when that time comes). I just want to be the best person I can be, and try to ride this train for as long as I can. And if possible, I’d like to help others (especially my two sons as it applies to life in general) avoid any mistakes that I have made.

I figure that if nothing else, maybe I can give people something to think about lol.

Had an opportunity at the tanning place this evening to take pic today. Lighting sucks so I apologize for that, but I’d say that the last couple months hiatus has me back up to around 20% (possibly a tad higher, I haven’t measured). I’ll post another in about six weeks after I have addressed this issue! Lol

2 week update. It’s going the right direction.


6’-0" (180 cm)
194 lbs (88 kg)
12% BF
Profession: Architect
No social media
2 years and a half of TRT.
70 mg a week, split into 2 shots. (At the time of writing this post)
16 years of continuous heavy weights lifting 4-5 times a week.
Personal gym records: Squat - 6 reps with 440 pounds; Bench press - 6 reps with 330 pounds; Deadlifts - 6 reps with 400 pounds; Overhead press - 6 reps with 165 pounds.

Took steroids for 2 years in early 20s. Threw everything after that and I’ve been on finasteride 7 years, which messed me up severely.
Tried everything else before getting into TRT.

Tried all the injections protocols possible ( ED, EOD, twice weekly) and I have been at a total T of 1400 at through without AIs for 4 months before experimenting with other protocols.

Congratulations on your results. What are your levels of dht and prolactin?

240-250lbs ~15-20%bf
College junior studying business finance
Farthest you can get from a medical professional haha
No social media for anonymity
1.5 years on TRT
7 years training
Protocol: 210mg test, 196mg mast, 450iu HCG EOD, 3 grains NDT (someone please PM me and help me get off all this)

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Name: Chris
Age: 37
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 185 lbs
Formal education: Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Medical professional?: Yes
Years on TRT: Newb
Years training: 22
Current protocol: new, 150 mg test cyp/wk
Total and free T: total 298, free 11
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: Been in the iron game for years as a competitive bodybuilder, trainer, author, current University Professor in Physical Therapy, and Rehab CEO.


Age: 38
Height: 6’
Weight: 200 lbs
Photo: Will post one day
Profession: Software Engineer
Years on TRT: Started in 2020
Years training: 4
Current protocol: 100mg E3.5D, AI as needed
Total and free T: Who knows. High.
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: Started TRT to resolve lethargy, joint pain, poor physical recovery, libido/erection difficulties, and a history of anxiety/depression. TRT has been wildly successful for me thus far.

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Name: NA
Age: 34
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 225lbs
Formal education: M.S., B.S., A.A.
Medical professional?: Physician Assistant (PA-C), prior Critical Care/Flight Paramedic.
Other social media:na
Years on TRT: 2 months
Years training: 18
Current protocol: 200mg/week
Total and free T: 13.2 ng/ml (free), 947 ng/dl (free and wkly bound), 371 pg/ml (free calc.)
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I have many years in the military and working as a medical professional. I specialize in emergency and critical care medicine.

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