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TRT Credentials Thread

This was an idea presented by @Chris_Colucci

Here is an opportunity to provide some form of credibility to others. You can answer as many of these questions as you’d like. Copy and paste these into your own comment which will become your own entry (you can edit it when required).


Go through the list of members and ‘like’ the ones who you feel are providing relevant, factual information.

Formal education:
Medical professional?:
Other social media:
Years on TRT:
Years training:
Current protocol:
Total and free T:
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level:


6’-0" (180 cm)
280 lbs (127 kgs)
I have a training log in the Over 35 section, there is a video in it of me squatting.
1-2 years TRT
185 mg a week, split into 2 shots.
I know everything, just ask me. (That’s a joke, just to clarify for some of you)
Former Strongman and Highland Games competitor. Now just old.


Name is the least relevant, though if folks want to get on a first name basis instead of Internet handles, that’s cool of course.

Formal Education and/or Personal Education would be a useful addition, to differentiate the guys with Masters in Biochemistry from the guys with two years of Wikipedia reading.

Years Training or something to indicate general fitness level would be good to know, to filter out those who see “diet and exercise” as something unrelated and completely separate from TRT. Learning about TRT for six years but spending three months in the gym just doesn’t add up.

The Social Media stuff is tricky, as we can’t blur the line into self-promotion. Nevermind that I could understand some people wanting to keep the forum separate from their FB pages or other accounts, plus a lot of guys are just regular dudes who don’t have any/many social pages.

I will say, though, there are maybe 10 or so guys in particular who dish out so much advice on the site that I’m definitely expecting to see them participate in this thread. I’ll let it get rolling for a bit and will tag them if need be.

And kudos for taking the initiative on this.


Name: Danny Bossa
Age: 46
Height: 5’11 1/2"
Weight: 193lbs
Photo: Provided below taken Jan 28th, 2020.
Formal education: College (Music, Information Technology)
Medical professional?: No
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dannybossa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoLNk-4LAYsbfsQwjFWG2gQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danny.bossa/?hl=en (I don’t do much with it)
Other social media:
Years on TRT: Almost 5
Years training: On and off since I was in my teens
Current protocol: Standard protocol is 250mg of T a week doing daily shots
Total and Free T: Total 1068 with free of 28. Lately I’ve been using 300mg which probably brings it closer to 35.
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I am an active member of the community. I co-own the TRT and Hormone Optimization YouTube channel where we interview a variety of experts and medical professionals in the field. I also co-own the TRT and Hormone Optimization Facebook group where I am an admin. After spending years following bro-science advice, I got educated on the subject and spend half my days helping men as much as I can in an effort to give back to the community. Business owner (nothing to do with TRT), husband, and father of 3 boys, 16, 13, and a baby.


Guys… you want to give credentials using faith?

Set my profession to Giant Battle Robot.

Not sure if I’m one of these guys, but you can’t really expect me to dish much out as my only formal education is… high school… but I’m getting my old phone back soon enough (filed a complaint about it, supposedly it’s going to be taken in any day now, in which case I’ll be able to get some pics taken… otherwise I can post one of my old pics from November/December (its a long story but the google pixel was known to have defects regarding microphone/audio quality, I also appear to have the mild issue of… the phone doesn’t fucking charge…) so I’ve been using my old iPhone 6… but I shit you not around November/December right before I went to Europe I dropped the phone and shattered the back camera lens, so unless I’m going to take a selfie of my face or something (not happening), I can’t really provide a current pic.)

All I can currently put down is

Age: 19 (happy birthday to me… ‘twas 9-10 days who depending where you’re situated)
Height: 165-166cm (but we will just round to 170 because that makes me taller)…
Weight: 74.5kg
Years on TRT: 1.5
Photo: To be eventually uploaded excluding my face
Formal Education: HS graduate
Medical Professional: I’m an endocrinologist who resides in Colorado (hah just kidding)
Facebook: not sharing that but @dbossa has my Facebook and can confirm I am who I say I am
Instagram: not giving that out but flipcollar has my insta, don’t use Instagram anymore… haven’t posted since 2016
Years training: have always had somewhat of an athetic background. Martial arts for 7yrs (karate), boxing for 6mths, played tennis/soccer in middle school… lifted weights regularly from ages 11-14… stopped due to chronic pain becoming unbearable, started again at 17… though first time under a bench I was probably about 8… sporadically lifted weights before the age of 8, never anything serious… did a lot of push-up/sit-ups and whatnot, would throw in the occasional set of lateral raises/bicep curls etc

Current protocol: … it’s not trt that’s for sure (totals 270mg weekly)



Name: B Shaw
Age: 37
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 200lbs
Photo: Non-pumped and bad lighting… sorry

Formal education: Bachelors Science Engineering
Medical professional?: Nope
Years on TRT: 4
Years training: 23
Current protocol: 140mg / T Cyp total split into two pins per week, Last TT 848 / FT 17.4
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level:
I’m an avid fitness enthusiast. I have a passion for sharing what I’ve learned in both mistakes and blessings from TRT and anti-aging regimens. My goal is to share my experiences as a non-medical professional in an effort to help others with their protocols. While I’m not a professional trainer/coach I do like to share my thoughts and experiences with others regarding training regimens as well. I’ve trained most styles and while my bulk was built from powerlifting I currently like to stick with bodybuilding type routines due to my age.


Name: Um…
Age: 40
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200 give or take

Formal education: Couple of semesters towards a Creative Writing major.
Medical professional?: Nope. Fitness professional.
Other social media: https://www.t-nation.com/all-articles/authors/chris-colucci

Years on TRT: Zero
Years training: Since high school, with varying degrees of effort over the years.
Current protocol: Not currently on TRT. Using Alpha Male and Rez-V.

Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: ISSA certifications - Fitness Trainer, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, Performance Nutrition; brown belt, kenpo jiujitsu; spent the last 15 years involved with T Nation learning via osmosis from the best coaches around; I apply a conscious effort/common sense to not speak outside my wheelhouse on any subject whether it’s TRT, lifting, cooking, sports, movies, or whatever.

EDIT: Recent photo in the Check-In thread here - Feb '20 Photo/Video Check-In


Name: Spencer
Age: 36
Height: 5’9
Weight: 187
Formal education: Bachelors degree in Business/ Marketing minor
Medical professional?: No. Work in medical device sales (Orthopedic surgery). One part of my job is to oversee surgery and basically keep surgeons from fucking up. The other part is building a relationship with docs/surgeons. Through my job I’ve developed personal relationships with many of the top docs in NYC including Endos & fertility specialists.
Years on TRT: 3 years
Years training: Off and on since 23 but in reality mainly the last 2ish years and even then not that seriously
Current protocol:
200mg/week 28.6mg daily IM (delts)

  • Vit C 2000mg (Amazon). -morning
  • Methylcobalamin 1000mcg sublingual B12 (Solgar, Amazon) -morning
  • Magnesium Glycinate 400-600mg (Bulk Supplements powder, Amazon) -bedtime
  • Melatonin 2.5mg (Natrol fast dissolve, Amazon) - bedtime

Blood levels:
(28.6mg/day, 24 hrs after injection so both peak & trough)
TT = 1999.1 Free T = 36 E2 = 77 SHBG = 39.9
(looks extremely high but it’s not the same as taking blood on trough 7 days after last injection)

Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I grew up in the poorest County in Mississippi and moved to the richest zip code in NYC having never been there. Became a top real estate agent at Corcoran and eventually did medical device sales on the side where I was in charge of all of Brooklyn, NY. After 10 years in NYC I woke up one day and restarted life in Louisiana to be closer to family and because I love the South.
My knowledge is based solely on my own experience and figuring out through trial and error what works for me. I read as much as possible on many forums before joining T-nation. I’ve found T-nation to be the only resource I use these days. I have a very addictive personality and when I get into something I go all in.

TRT journey
About 5 years ago I started having major issues with energy, weight gain, libido, etc. I eventually found out I had anemia which is one reason I was put on TRT. I became completely obsessed with figuring out how to get back to feeling normal.

I started at 220mg once a week with 1mg anastrozole.
• had major issues from the start
• crashed estrogen twice
• always felt worse than before TRT

I eventually stopped the AI and dropped to 100mg/week
• I increased the dosage by 20mg every 2-3 months
• I started playing with increased injection frequency (twice/week, EOD, daily)
• tried sub-q & IM
• supplementing vitamins, minerals, etc

I worked up to 200mg/week doing daily shots with no AI or HCG. It’s where I feel optimal.
• I found that using 185mg for two weeks then going to 200mg for two weeks & repeat keeps my libido higher than normal

Normal before starting to have issues. 167lbs (5-6 years ago)

Pre TRT after having issues for 2 years. 205 lbs (2-3 years after previous pic, right before starting TRT)

Post TRT 178lbs (what I looked like about 1 year after TRT)

**(Jan 30 2020) (2-3 years after starting TRT) 187lbs
-for the past 6ish months I’ve been drinking too much & diet not great so gained considerable body fat

**(July 14 2020) 167 lbs

**(12/30/20) 164 lbs
image image image


Name: Agent Fox Mulder
Age: 47
Height: 5’11 1/2
Weight: 235
Formal education: Acting/Automotive Industry/Intellectual Property (something lost on China)
Medical professional?: I was really good at electronic “Operation” as a child. (does that count?)
Facebook: Created an account, never really used it because the platform has always been outdated and crude.
YouTube: Who doesn’t.
Instagram: Nope
Other social media: Nope
Photo: To see me at my worst, you must also see me at my best.
Years on TRT: 2 and half years, stopped in April 2019
Years training: Beginner, just started months ago.
Current protocol: My protocol was/will be again 7mg enanthate or 5mg cypionate = 400> FT 15>

Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I’m a perfectionist, I have passion and strong determination, if I’m into something I go all the way or not at all. I realized medical providers are seriously lacking in medical knowledge pertaining to TRT and learned a few things along my journey and knew there are others out there who are in need of guidance.

I’m also into kite surfacing, surfing and snorkeling. I was born to be in and around the water.


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Name: Youthful55guy. Prefer to go by my screen name for privacy.
Age: 63
Height: 5’ 7.5 "
Weight: 186 - Solid muscle base but about 11 pounds extra padding. Working on cleaning up nutrition to get the fat down but keep the muscle. Note that I keep editing this line of the profile as I approach my goal weight.
Photo: Don’t post photos.
Formal education: Masters Degree in Reproductive Endocrinology
Medical professional?: Work in medical device industry summarizing complex clinical data into Risk-Benefit Analyses.
Years on TRT: 8+ years
Years training: Since 2000. A new year resolution that actually stuck.
Current protocol: 45-60 mg T-cyp + 450 IU HCG every 3 days (E3D). No need for E2 control. Started finasteride in Janualry 2019. Still optimizing dosing. Currently at 2.0 mg/day. Goal is to keep DHT mid-range to help keep hemoglobin in range.
Total and free T: Depends on dose and SHBG levels, which fluctuate but are always high. Typically Total T runs high due to high SHBG. Usually between 900-1400 ng/dL. Free T typically runs between 20-30 pg/mL. Goal is to maintain Free T in the upper 75th percentile of a 20-30 year old healthy male and not to exceed 100th percentile (i.e., keep it <~30 pg/mL using LabCorp ranges).
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I consider myself highly informed about TRT but am constantly seeking to understand it better and perfect my protocol. I have participated in several forums. My first 3 years were under the guidance of a well respected TRT doc. My PCP now administers my protocol. I am constantly experimenting with different approaches to deal with high SHBG.


Couple of consistent T Replacement forum posters I’d really like to see join in here: @enackers, @highpull, @NH_Watts, @rise80, @ncsugrad2002, @vonko1988.

Basically, if you choose to reply to threads and offer advice/info, there’s no real reason to avoid putting up some basic background info here to help members get a better grasp of who’s who and who they’re getting advice from. It’ll only benefit the forum as a whole.


I’m in here, first guy I think. Anything in particular you want added?

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Bah, my mistake. I misread my list. Sorry.

Name: dlsmith. I have a unique first name, so I will just use screen name for anonymity

Age: 50
Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 247 – Decent muscle, but entirely too much padding. Estimate that I need to lose 40 pounds of fat.
Photo: Not yet.
Formal education: Masters in Finance
Medical professional?: Nope

Years on TRT: New. Started September 2019
Years training: Weight training on and off for 30 years (after 4 years off, started back 6 months ago and have found the passion again), martial arts 10 years (BJJ, various striking arts). Currently into mountain biking for cardio to supplement 4-5 days/week lifting.
Current protocol: 110 mg T-c + 450 IU HCG every 3.5 days (switching to 3 days/ week starting today). Just decided to eliminate AI. Was at .25mg twice each week, .25mg once last week and none this week (So far, so good).
Total and free T: Last bloodwork was done 2 months ago. TT 1341, FT 26.3. I have increased dose by 20mg / week, so I imagine it’s a bit higher now.

Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I am interested and I am learning. As I do not have the knowledge or experience yet, I will not give advice on the protocols of others. Where I think I can help others is in relaying my personal experience. I tried every natural approach possible for 15 year in an attempt to fix myself naturally. I know what it’s like to be a middle aged man suffering with low T, ED, etc. I will speak to my experience to let guys know they are not alone an that there is hope.

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Age: 39
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 255
Photo: can be found in my thread 38, Tired and Frustrated
Formal Education: HS grad
Medical Professional: nope not even close
Years on TRT: Around a year and a half
Years Training: Around 18 years with bouts of inconsistency
Current Protocol: 18mg test cyp daily IM no AI. I have not gotten labs at this dosage so not sure current levels. Last protocol @ 25mg daily had my total over 1400 not sure on free T as doctor does not measure. Last I measured it, I was around 25.7 with a total of 800.

I am a gym rat that likes to keep getting stronger. I fail to apply, what I believe is a decent understanding of diet, so I am currently hiding a decent muscular body with an excess of fluffy fattiness. I fully hate cardio too so that also contributes. I enjoy the outdoors and my favorite hobbies when not in the gym or working are hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and snowboarding or just hanging out with my wife and 3 kids.

I am no expert or authority on anything, so any advice or opinion I share on here is carefully thought about and is just my opinion from my general understanding or experience.


Name: Ivan Mihov
Country: Bulgaria
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vonko1988
Age: 31
Height: 185cm
Weight: 96kg, around 20 percent body fat
Photo: Not yet.
Formal education: Maritime Engineer, Software Engineering
Medical professional?: Nope

Years on TRT: New. Started November 2019
Years training: Weight training on and off from 18 to 24, serious weight training for the last two years with small gains. Now for 3 months on TRT gained more than the previous 2 years. And still my training reigem and diet are far from perfect
Total and free T: Last bloodwork was done 1 month ago. TT 1156, FT 28. Im not 20mg sustanon daily and 100 UI HCG daily

Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: I am interested and I am learning. I do not have enough personal experience yet, but I’ve been learning about TRT and hormone optmisation for the last year in order to take the complex decision whether I need it. And all I’ve learned before starting helped me a lot and when Im on it everything clicks. Also the guys here help me a lot. I’ve read a few books and watched a lot of podcasts of the world’s leading hormone optimization docs. Also I’ve had the luck to consult 3 of them regarding my condition and I learned a lot from these people. My level of knowledge is still very basic, but I wanna improve it in order to first help myself and maybe help others in the future.
When I give advice I make the mistake to give it from my own perspective so I must correct that.