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TRT Cost Comparison: $200 a Month Normal?


I’m a 43-year-old male who has been experiencing symptoms potentially related to sub-optimal testosterone levels for a few years. I’m in Tennessee and I’ve consulted a couple clinics.
Dr Nichols, who seems to be popular, requires signing up for a $2000/year treatment package that includes consultations and all lab work but DOES NOT include the cost of medications and says patients usually spend around $120 a month (approx $1,440 for a year) for testosterone. So $2,000 treatment package plus approx $1,440 comes out to $3,440 a year which is nearly $290 a month.
The other clinic I’m talking to offers the following packages:
A. $1200 for 6 months of testosterone ($200 per month)
B. $1800 for 12 months of testosterone ($150 per month)
C. $2200 for 18 months of testosterone ($122 per month)
Those prices are for medication only. Additional consultations and lab work is payed on a per service basis.

Do these prices seem in the normal range to you guys? I feel like, if I could get a doctor to let me use a regular pharmacy instead of the compounding pharmacy his clinic has a relationship with, I could pick up a month’s worth of testosterone (assuming 100mg a week) for less than $120-$290. Am I wrong?

I can only speak to Dr. Nichols and Dr. Saya of Defy Medical, Dr. Nichols is an excellent doctor and and also Dr. Saya, but the latter is more affordable only $1200-$2000 yearly includes “everything”, the max price is dependent on if you want HCG.

I’m in Tennessee. Androgel is costing me only $10 a month with insurance and the free Androgel discount card. My T usually tests from 450-600. I get the prescription from my family doctor.
I have mixed feelings about it. I originally tested at 172 before starting so it does work.
If I had to pay $200-300 a month for Androgel, I would probably try the Clomid route.

You need higher levels than this, only a matter of time before you cease absorbing the gel. You’ll see levels getting lower and lower, it’s a losing battle.

I have been using it since 2012 with no issues.
I haven’t heard anything about changes in absorption.

Mine charges $125/month for testosterone (200mg per weekly injection) and DHEA.

Cost is $165/month if anastrozole is needed.

All follow-up labs and follow-up office visits, plus phone and email access, included.

That seems high. At 200mg per week you would go through five vials in a year. That comes out to almost $300 per vial, much more than underground sources would charge.

I was recently with Entourage and my treatment was $139/month and 6 month contracts. However they are no longer practicing for undisclosed reasons and they have referred me to a place in FL. that is $320 every three months. This includes hcg, ai, T and syringes. I don’t use an ai but the price is the same either way.

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I paid $1800 for the year. Included Test, HCG and Anastrazole.

why is that?

Be careful on who you take advice from on this forum. The mods here do not police bad advice.
Some people here act like they know what that are talking about when they really have no experience in gels. Many guys do great on T Gels the only problem with them is the cost. T creams now that is a different story. T Gels $300/month T creams $60/month. You get what you pay for.


$11 Canadian every 10 weeks. Test E. 5 ml.

You are in the minority, a lot of guys come back months, years later wondering why their levels are continuing to decrease even after increasing the dosage. T-creams are another story.

What’s the story on creams? By the “get what you pay for” line, I’m assuming you mean creams are cheaper because they don’t work as well. Is that correct?

Same question. What’s the other story on creams?

Why androgen to chlomid. Go to cypionate or cream.

Scrotal T creams absorb 8x times as much as T gels, need I say anymore… T creams come in 200mg 20%, T gels comes in 2% and are too low for most men to see levels elevate above baseline numbers in most cases.

My gym friend pays $170/month for his TRT which includes 200 mg/week Test Cyp and labs every 6 months.

Even I think that’s too much when I could self medicate at similar dosages for like $20/month.

It’s just what he suggested as an alternative. It gets tiring messing with the gel. I never really wanted to fool with injections. He would prescribe me more gel but my hct stays high (51-54) even when giving blood 6-8 times a year.

Injections man. Your dabbling…