TRT Companies

What is the general consensus on using a TRT company, for example, Renew man, Hormone Therapy Network, etc, versus a private doctor? As a 45 y.o male I am interested in TRT and just getting started with my research.

if you are independently wealthy then go for it. they can be great, but are extremely expensive. Most of us have to settle for fighting with our doctors covered by our insurance programs.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t won teh lottery yet so I’d prefer the more economical route. I hear and see alot of advertisements by the TRT companies but did not know if thye have a good reputation.

For speed I have gone this route. Recently I tired of throwing my money around so I bought a custom home twice the size of my current home. This way I see where my money is going every day and leaks such as this wont be tolerated. I am going to start watching the dollars like everyone else. Collecting names of TRT friendly doctors and will make the transition when I can absorb the time hassle, when the 80 hour billable work weeks halt and become straight-8’s any month now.

The hardest part will be surrendering control.

In the stickies under “Advice for new guys” line 6. It tells you how to use google maps to locate TRT friendly docs via networking through Compounding Pharmacies in your area. It involves making calls to the different pharmacies, but I’ve found that these guys know the more knowledgeable TRT docs.