TRT Clomid Question

Hey Guys,

I’ve got a question I was hoping you could help me with. I have been on TRT for a little over a year now. Was feeling terrible (Moody, Lethargic, Depression) for a couple of years until I finally decided to get things checked out. Everything came back superb except my Test levels are really low (not sure what they were on my first panel still fighting to get my med records from my idiot doctor but more on that in a min) My Dr prescribed my 200mg of Test C every 3 weeks. After about 10 months of not feeling much of an improvement, she decided to order more blood work.

They came back low again, she changed my injection schedule to 300mg every two weeks. I was training for a Physique comp and having a lot of difficulty with my prep. My coach, who I trust dearly, believed it was b/c my doctor wasn’t doing anything to prevent my estrogen from aromtazing preventing me from cutting weight successfully. After repeatedly attempting to discuss this with my Dr, 8 msgs in 4 days and her not getting back to me I decided to continue my treatment elsewhere. Still haven’t been able to get a copy of my original blood work, but was able to get the second one.

My Total Test came in at 285.1 ng/dl (348 - 1197) Free Test was 7.1 pg/ml (9.3-26.5) While I am searching for a new Dr, I am administering my own injections of 150mg Test Cyp every week. I also have some clomid (fertomid) 50 mg tablets left over from a Prohormone cycle a couple of years ago. My question is should I consider adding the Clomid to my current TRT regimen in an effort to improve my natural Test levels or should I just stay with my injections? My prev Dr never mentioned any concern over my estrogen aromtazing, so I don’t know if this would be a wise course of action. Thank you guys for you time, any advice is much appreciated.

Additional Info:
Age: 27
Height/Weight: 6’3" / 195 lbs
BF%: about 12%
Diet: Strict, was training for Men’s Physique but had issues cutting weight believed to be caused by estrogen spikes
Other Supplements: Whey, Caesin, Creatine Mono, Beta-Alaine, L-Tyrosine, L-Carnitine (ALCAR), Gluatimine, Multi-Vitamin, BCAA, Dextrose, Fish Oil