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TRT Clinics / Online Provider Recomendations in the UK?

Hi All,

I have another post in T-replacement, discussing my blood test results that seem to show that im test deficient (although im still learning about this area).

In the meantime, i think its important that I start looking for a provider for TRT if it turns out that I will need it. The NHS is quite difficult to obtain TRT on in the UK (from what ive read), so does anyone have any clinic or online provider recommendations?

With private clinics, price is always going to be a concern, but im mainly after a provider that knows what they are talking about and offers good care. Im basically saying that if they are reasonably priced, then fantastic, but getting a good service is more important to me!

If it helps, im based near Chester in the UK, but happy to travel.


NHS isn’t as bad as the PBS

Lower than 6nnol (174ng/dl) in three separate bloods, all spaced 3 months + apart!

That’s useful info, thank you!

Can these be third party tests or do they insist on performing the test themselves? I now have 2 private tests showing low free test which are 3+ months apart, but I wouldnt want to start the process again if I need TRT.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Well in the UK You needn’t worry about the PBS. If I recall correctly the bloods have to be taken directly via endocrinologist, not third party, they’re INCREDIBLY conservative in australia, esp Queensland wherein testosterone is the equivalent of a schedule I drug (with heroin, methamphetamine, crack cocaine etc)… Queensland has an incredibly punitive and regressive drug policy though, that state locks up 2x more civilians for minor possession than the rest of Aus combined (and yes… they have a huge problem with mass incarceration…) so given possession of unprescribed test there entails a prison sentence of up to 20 years… you’re practically punished there (and in the rest of Aus) if you actually require TRT due to all the hoops you’ve got to jump through… unless you go private, then it’s way easier (except for in QLD, still impossible)

Im sure someone from the UK will chime in, I know for CERTAIN it’s possible to attain adequate treatment there through a number of private clinics/doctors

You don’t really have a lot of choices, that last part about finding a knowledge doctor and good care in the UK, you’re not going to get the type of care you hear about on these forums as it pertains to those who reside in the US, the UK equivalent is considerably behind their US counterparts from firsthand accounts.

You are still going to have to stay informed and not let your guard down. There is Balance My Hormones in Dorset and the Men’s Health Clinic, beyond these two clinics I am not aware of any other TRT clinics. Based on firsthand accounts, I would chose Balance My Hormones.

Both of these clinics are still doing the TRT+HCG+anastrozole right out of the gate, something you should be aware. This is the wrong way to start out which you’ll see frequently on T-Nation.