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TRT Clinic said "Arimidex Comes Mixed in with Test Cyp". Yes or No?

So I went to a local trt clinic today. They did my basic bloodwork last week so today was my “consultation”. They have a 10 week supply that includes test cyp, finasteride, and arimidex. But the guy is trying to tell me the arimidex comes mixed in with the test cyp… I’ve been around supps for over a decade and have never heard of this. Can anyone confirm or deny what he is telling me? Thanks

It is done, but I don’t think it is a good idea to mix them together as you cannot alter the dose of one without altering the other.

Basic bloodwork?! There’s nothing basic about TRT, it is very complicated and few doctors understand how to play the TRT game. Trt just isnt about injecting testosterone, you need to know a few things before starting, SHBG and estrogen is critical for determining proper injection frequency.

I would think very carefully before taking this finasteride, it can cause depression, permanent psychological and physical symptoms that did not resolve after stopping the medication.

It sounds like another T-mill selling product without a care in the world for patient health. Arimidex is used for those with very high estrogen, you probably do not even need it. Arimidex lower estrogen, healthy estrogen is needed to put minerals in bones.

Google “Post Finasteride Syndrome”.

Yeah, they do that sometimes. Don’t use it, make them give it to you separate or give you back your money.

Yes I am well aware of the prior bloodwork needed… and I am aware of the type of place I’m going to, I’m not taking the finasteride it comes with the “kit” and I’m aware of arimidex and what it’s used for I just never heard of it coming mixed with the test. It seems odd to me since it gives u no control of the AI

There’s like a 99% chance you don’t need the AI and it’s actually just going to cause problems for you don’t take it get a new doctor or tell them to replace the test with no AI

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You likely won’t need the AI

And you sure as shit don’t need the finasteride

Find someone that will give you plain ok regular test without anything else in it

Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it