TRT Clinic Recommendation in San Diego?

I’m looking for recommendations for a TRT clinic in San Diego. Ran into a dead end with my personal physician only ordered a test for Total test (495). I’m experiencing less motivation in the gym, less energy, fat gain is much easier while gaining muscle/strength is much harder. I’d like to get some more blood work done and see the full hormonal picture and possibly start TRT if it’s warranted.

41 yrs old
230 lbs

If any of you guys have had good experience in San Diego area with a clinic please let me know where.

Are you avoiding telemed for a specific reason?

Actually, I didn’t even think of that as an option. I’m not opposed to it…just want to get the right bloodwork done and find a good Dr.

Would you recommend telemedicine over finding a clinic?

I started at a local clinic, then regular doc, then telemed.

Local was $$$$ and about 20 years behind in knowledge.

Doc was awesome, dirt cheap, clueless but open minded, sadly he retired.

Telemed fairly cheap & very fast, tons of meds to chose from, shipped right to me

Thanks for the info. Which telemedicine service do you use?

I use Defy Medical.