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TRT Clinic in Montreal Recommendation?

Im from montreal i am 26 years old. I have low testosterone due too medication , does anybody have a good trt doctor in montreal that they can recommend, right now the doctor offering me the testosterone is a clsc doctor and tested test only. And theyre telling me i can get test cyp a shot a month , looking in montreal

One shot a month is a recipe for disaster because test cypionate has a short half-life of 7 days which puts you on a hormonal roller coaster.

Most guys that inject cypionate beyond once weekly report feeling no better than before treatment and some feel worse than pre-treatment.

Have you tried Googling TRT clinics in Montreal?

Yess thank you yea ive googled them i was just wondering if anyone had recommendations for a specific one , i will try one that i research but if they do weird stuff il move on