TRT Causing High Prolactin?

I have been on TRT for over a year, just 2ml/mo. 6 months later my test levels came back at around 500, an improvement from the low 200s and ok I guess since I am 43. I changed up to getting 1 ml every 2 weeks, so the same monthly dosage just at a more consistent level.

My last result 2 months ago came back at 991 with my LH and FSH very low. They also tested prolactin, and it came back at 22 (high). They re-stested my prolactin yesterday,and it is now 28! The high number in the normal range is either 13 or 15 depending on who you ask, so its pretty high.

My endocrinologist tells me its either the supps Im taking, or that I have a tumor in my pituitary gland. They already did an MRI on my head and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but he says its possible that a potential tumor is just very small at this point.

The ONLY supps I take is whey protein (ON brand) and I alternate between Craze and Assault pre-workouts, that’s it.

He seems to think its the supps (easy to blame supps I guess?), but I have a hard time believing that something as simple as whey and/or craze/assault is causing this. He knows I’m on TRT but doesn’t seem to think it has anything to do with my elevated prolactin. Although everything I read says there is connection between testosterone therapy and rising female hormones as well.

If I stopped TRT, would I need some sort of PCT to get my test producing normally again or will it just come back? I doubt my Endo Dr would RX anything to help with PCT, any over the counter supps I can use to help start my natural test production if I choose to stop TRT?

The other factor here is that I had thyroid cancer last year. They removed my thyroid, I did the radioactive iodine and am on a pretty heavy dose of synthroid. My levels are coming down to normal, but my TSH is still a little higher then they would like. they increased my Synthroid a bit as well. I know there is a link between the thryoid and hormones as well.

He is going to test my prolactin levels again in 4 months. He sugessted I stop all supps (again all Im on is ON Whey and assult/craze preworkouts) and if my prolactin levels are still high he will assume its a tumor on my pituitary gland and start me on meds to shrink it (even tho one doesnt show up on the MRI). I am 99% sure the 2 supps I take have nothing to do with my elevated prolactin, and it has more to do with my TRT and/or my thyroid levels.

So what do you guys think? You are alot more knowledgeable on TRT and its effects.


Trt did not cause high prolactin and neither did protein . Lh and fsh?? Why is he even testing it? Only reason to test that is to check for testicular cancer as it would be basically shut down once starting trt. When u supplement t the body knows u have enough t in the system so the pituitary doesn’t produce lh or fsh… Did they check protactin prior to trt? Read the advice for new guys sticky. Ur case is very complicated. I am no expert but u have to understand trt is for life. Yes u could taper off with the use of a SERM like nolvadex and use An Ai to keep down E2 but the fact is u started on trt cause u had low T by Quiting you don’t gain anything you will most likely lose this battle and feel like a bag of shit

Hypothyroidism. Increased prolactin levels are often seen in people with hypothyroidism, and doctors routinely test people with hyperprolactinemia for hypothyroidism. If one who has thyroid problems could also have high prolactin and endos usually check the thyroid when prolactin is elevated why is it impossible that a person without a thyroid also has high prolactin… yes a prolactinoma may be the cause but if they have done an mri why is that still the focus?

High Prolactin is a fairly common problem, found in up to one-third of all infertility patients who do not menstruate. There are several known High Prolactin causes.

The most common of High Prolactin causes is hypothyroidism, in which an inadequate amount of the thyroid hormone is produced. Treating the hypothyroidism with thyroid hormone can correct prolactin levels. In rare cases, there are other problems, such as chronic kidney failure or tumors of the pituitary gland may also by the culprit. They can usually be identified with an MRI. However, in about 30 percent of the cases, the root High Prolactin cause is unexplained.
Surgical scars
Surgical scars on the chest wall or other chest wall irritations like shingles can trigger a rise in levels.
According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, some medications, like tranquilizers, high blood pressure medications and anti-nausea drugs can all lead to such problems. Oral contraceptives and recreational drugs like marijuana may result in mild cases