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TRT but Not Really TRT; Also: Tren?

I haven’t posted here in a few years and my last cycle was five years ago. I chose the Pharma forum over TRT because in my experience the more knowledgable members frequent here (no offense). I have a lot of experience and have run at high doses without incident. (North of 1.4g/wk). I’ve run both high test/low Tren and low test/High Tren. I prefer the former.

I was put on TRT through a clinic about two and a half months ago. I don’t recall the initial bloodwork, but I was told I had the T levels of a 70 year old man. They started me out at 120mg/wk Test C and bumped it up to 140/wk about three weeks ago. I wanted to get up to at least 200mg/wk but at this rate it would take another five months. As I started putting things in perspective I began to realize legal AS may not have been all it was cracked up to be.
My decision to self procure is purely economical. I simply cannot justify $200/mo for one 5ML vial of Test Cyp 200mg/ml and a blood test. That’d be $2,000 for 10 months. I could run a TRT dose on my own of 200-250mg/wk for over five years at that price. Furthermore, I am weary of their “one size fits all” approach and general knowledge (ex. same Adex dosage for everyone, questionable injection sites and methods, and having “never heard of anyone, even bodybuilders taking over 800mg/wk of Test”. lol, really?)

My question, for those who can answer, is what would be the best route for transitioning from TRT to self-medicating at a TRTish dose?
I currently have about 2 weeks of the Test Cyp left and on very short notice I was able to get ahold of about 12 ML Test E 250 and 15 ML Tren E 250. I should be able to get a 6-12 month supply in three weeks.
I had no plans to use Tren, but since it was given to me I’m not NOT going to use it.
So I’m debating using both for maybe a short 10 week cycle and then going down to a test only TRT dose from there on out.
Or I’m thinking of using 100mg Test Cyp(til gone; approx 3 weeks) + 100mg Test E + 50mg Tren E…and once the Cyp is gone, probably 150mgTest E + 50mg Tren E. Just looking for general input.

I’ve never had bad sides from Tren even when running at 600mg/wk–aside from the very random and horrible Tren cough, maybe once or twice per cycle.

This is the oh so common “catchphrase” to hook you. I really freaking hate that phrase. What were your real numbers? Post labs.

Real TRT should be within normal lab ranges although most optimize to be highe range on trough day. This is TRT plus IMO but who cares right? Higher than that your still cycling.

The course is up to you but I wouldn’t recommend continuing to run Tren long term.

I’d say just do it. I feel the same as you sometimes, and having to time blasts around frequent labs from the clinic is annoying.

But the benefit is 1) consistent supply and 2) quality product. If you don’t have any problems getting good UGL, and do your own labs, go for it.

Edit: 3) legal lol, that’s a plus

I can’t recall the exact number and I no longer have the paperwork. I remember they said levels below 300 could be covered by some insurance carriers and I was at 224 I believe. Last bloodwork showed levels had gone up to 400 something.
All other values were within normal ranges.

Mine was under 300 (total) and my insurance paid for everything. Cost me $8 a month for drugs and needles. Ended up going private and pay $225 for 3 months