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TRT Break for Fertility?

I am 27 started TRT in Jan after my wife got pregnant, keep switching pin schedule couldn’t feel good for anything, I been on (200mg) Test Cypionate 1c every 7 days which I do .50 twice weekly I then started HCG 250iu EOD in April, after few weeks got a gland on my chest so started liquid Letro on may 10, 5 drops a night for 4 days until it went away then got off, had hot flashes like crazy so took 2 drops of liquid anastrozole, couple times but stopped, then my wife had miscarriage which is why I went do sperm check test recently because we want to have just one more kid.

well I got the results and don’t really know how to understand them but purchased some Liquid Letro 2.5mg/ml, Liquid Anastrozole 2mg/ml, liquid Clomiphene Citrate 50mg/ml, liquid Tamoxifen Citrate 40mg/ml, and still have 5,000iu’s of HCG not mixed, which was ordered, I was planning on taking a break after my apt. Thurs and doing a PCT to get my sperm back. Here are the results:

-Date collected 5/24/2013
Procedure Units Reference Range

-Sperm Count 16L - Million/ML - (20-150)
-Collection Time 200
-Time Analyzed Semen 245
-Temperature Semen 23.0 - DegC
-Color Semen Grey/Opalescent
-Viscosity Semen Abnormal a (Normal)
-pH Semen 8.0 (7.2-9.0)
-RBC Semen None (None)
-Bacteria Semen None (None)
-Volume Semen 2.0 - mL (2.0-10.0)
-Morph Semen see below-T1,I1
-Motile Sperm see below-T2,I2

Textual Results
T1: 5/24/2013 14:00 CDT (Morph Semen)
_71% of normal spearm
_27% of head defects
_2% of neck/middlepie
_% of cytoplasmic droplets

T2: 5/24/2013 14:00 CDT (Motile Sperm)
_14% A: Rapid progressive motility. Greater than half a tail length/sec (20 um/s).
_5% B: Slow or sluggish progressive motility.
_17% C: Nonprogressive motility. Less than 1/8 tail length (less than 5um/s)
_67% D: Immotile
Motility Normal Range: Grades A+B = 50% Grade A = 25%

Interpretive Data
I1: Morph Semen
Reference Range for Morphology: >15%
I2: Motile Sperm
A reported result of decreased sperm motility may be due to either non-viable or non-motile sperm.

Collected date 5/24/2013
Collected Time 14:00 CDT
Procedure Units Reference Range
-WBC Semen 0 [0-1000000]

Now I did the test on my own cuz doc doesn’t know much at all, and to have a kid I’m seeing that I would have to get off for couple months or however long to get my sperm back. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or advice on what to do, or how I should do a PCT, or procedure or anything would help. I also read that adding clomid would help on TRT too but don’t know if true neither my doc and cant afford to see endo. again. anything would help thanks…

What moron prescribed that as TRT? Way to much T and to much HCG. No wonder why you got gyno. This will work fertility:

  1. Drop the T dose to 100mg a week split in two doses.
  2. HCG 200iu a week tops.
  3. 1mg a week of Adex a week in split doses. (Ditch the Letro)
  4. 25mg of Clomid a day. That dose of Clomid will kick start you even up to 150mg of T cyp a week. Above that you’ll still be suppressed. Test LH/FSH after two weeks. If needed up the Clomid dose.

Option 2: Get some HMG.

Sorry your post is really long and I don’t have time to read all of the details. I see you used Letro for gyno and you really don’t need to suppress E2 that far for any reason. Use a reasonable TRT protocol with an adequate amount of Adex (1-2mg a week. Shouldn’t need more than that) and the gyno will clear up in a few weeks.

Why is that too much HCG? Stickies say 250 IU EOD.

  1. HCG 200iu a week tops.
  2. 25mg of Clomid a day. That dose of Clomid will kick start you even up to 150mg of T cyp a week.

I always tell guys to never use hCG and a SERM at the same time.

Stay on TRT at 100mg/week
Use anastrozole
Try 25mg clomid/day, test LH/FSH and E2 later on
If LH/FSH high drop to 25mg EOD

Concern: Too much LH receptor stimulation can lead to desensitization of the receptors. Can also lead to high T–>E2 inside the testes and anastrozole cannot work there.

I have another question I have never really felt good since I started TRT in Jan., I guess from lack of knowledge bout e2 and all that other stuff. I was wanting to take a break from TRT I already decreased test weekly to .30 or .25 and been taking Clomid and anastrozole, almost everyday which makes me so tired. but my question is if stop the test completely how long will it take to restore fertilization, Which I Know hard to say but just to get a round about, just until I get my appt. with a different Endo. Any info or advice please. and I still have 5000iu vial not mixed if that would do anything since I stopped my 1st hcg vial in April. thanks