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TRT. Body Comp Question

I’m currently on 200 mg t-cyp 1x per week and Arimidex .25 e3d. That gives me a trough “low point” of around 750 and e2 of 23 on the last day before next shot which is supposedly the sweet spot.

On .25 arimidex EOD or e3d My abs are visible and I look more cut but my arms are noticeably smaller and weaker.
On .25 arimidex e5-7 days my arms look huge and I’m WAY stronger and feel slightly better. But, I have a distended stomach and love handles.

I’m currently cutting from 220 pounds. My odd question is, what is the real body I’m cutting the weight from? The one that looks overweight or the the slightly cut one. I’m sorry if this is a dumb question.Just started TRT beginning this year and this forum seems to have a lot of knowledgeable people.

.25mg Arimidex/anastrozole every 5-7 days is rather vague.

When you inject once a week, T levels change a lot. And E2 levels are changing to as FT changes FT–>E2 rates.

Anastrozole is a competitive drug that needs to match serum T levels. Steadier T levels are needed. Try injecting T twice a week and take anastrozole at that time. Do not change anastrozole dose frequency, change the dose. Do not be tied to 1/4mg increments. Get liquid anastrozole or make your own 1mg/ml with vodka and dispense by drop or volume.

Do labs always halfway between labs avoiding lab result changes driven by timing changes.

Injecting subq avoids IM muscle damage and provides steadier T levels.

Hi, KSman. Thanks for taking the time to respond. There aren’t a lot of trt clinics around and I have read you advising 2 injections per week before. My problem is they are steadfast on this once a week injection approach. I would gladly switch to twice a week, I just don’t know how I would get more needles. Thanks again.

Do you already self inject? Do you have the test bottle at home? Getting syringes is as easy as finding them on the internet and ordering them.

Back to where we need to know where guys are located.

In many USA jurisdictions, insulin needles do not need a script. ~$14.00 per 100 at Walmart.

If you are self-injecting, you can do whatever you want.

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Yes, I self inject. My only question is the legality of ordering it online in my state. I remember reading contradicting things awhile back. I’ll look again.

That’s good to know KSman. You’re the best :slight_smile:

As a guy who’s on a T protocol and currently in a cut, have dropped from 235 to 195 so far, I doubt either T or Arimidex has much to do with your appearance.

What it sounds like to me, because it’s what I experienced, is that your hydration, diet, and rest are the primary drivers of the variances you’re seeing. Also, remember that what you think you see may not line up with reality. You’re looking through a unique filter of cutting, presumably want to be stronger, and might be overly critical with what you see in the mirror.

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That’s a good point. I’ll definitely take that into consideration. My sleep hasn’t been the best. And while my diet is pretty solid, it could be better. There is definitely a change in appearance I wonder if it’s sodium / water weight related? Who know’s. 235 to 195 is pretty awesome. Where are you stopping? I’m trying for 20 lb’s and if that goes well I’ll keep going. Appreciate the feedback.

Body comp changes are tricky and as you noted can be impacted by a million different things. Also, it’s very possible T and AI could have an impact on you…@KSman would be the best resource on that topic.

I began my cut at about 30-35% body fat. I’m confident this attributed to my low T issues and accompanying symptoms. What I’ve learned reading this site is that one needs to cut much more weight than initially planned to dial in body fat %. I thought I’d be done around 190lb…I’m now thinking I’ll need to cut 170 to achieve a healthy 10-15%.

Keep going, give yourself grace when needed, learn from the experienced guys who contribute here (I’m not one of them), and work hard. You can reach your goals.

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