TRT Bloodwork Results - Estrogen Too High?

Hey guys,

I’m currently on 140mg split 2xweek of test cyp for a few weeks now, and just got my blood work done just before my next injection (lowest point).

Here are my blood results, normal ranges on the right:

Total test - 790 ng/dl | 249 - 836
Free test - 248 pg/mL | 47 - 244
SHBG - 14
Estradiol - 61 pg/mL | 8 - 43

I feel pretty good compared to my previous self currently(low T), but I’m a bit worried about my estradiol levels being that high. I know that AIs should be used very sparingly, but do you think my levels would indicate a need for it?

Thank you.

You could easily drop estrogen by injecting more frequent doses, no need for drugs.

I would not change anything then. Plenty of guys with higher E2 doing very well. My own runs between 50-55 (ECLIA) and 70-71 (LC/MS/MS).

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Is gynecomastia not a concern at these levels?

No, there are guys on TRT with E2 levels over 100 with no high E2 symptoms.

You could microdose AI, but it would be easier to just inject ED or EOD – both lower E2.

Mine is WAY higher and I feel great!

Same here. Feel great. I’m predisposed to getting gyno and I haven’t gotten it. If I ever do the only thing I’d consider is tamoxifen.

@dextermorgan Hey brother, sounds like we are running parallel paths in self treatment and cruising and blasting.

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