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TRT Bloodwork: Levels Doubled After Cutting Dosage by 25%

So I have been using 150mg test E per week split 50mg M/W/F with 1000iu hcg a week split Tuesday morning and Friday night.
Put my total t; 49 nmol/l; free T 1.42 nmol/l; oestradiol 250 pmol/l

Reduced dosage to 112.5mg a week split 37.5mg M/W/F with 1000iu hcg a week split Tuesday morning and Friday night.
Put my total T; 92 nmol/l; free t; 2.4 nmol/l and oestradiol @ 282 pmol/l

How can my test levels go up when I drop the dosage by 25%? Has anyone experienced this?

First thing that comes to mind is the timing of the labs relative to injections. Second is lab error. Third is inconsistent injection absorption.


Test timing is the obvious possible answer. When were labs done?


How long were you on the first protocol before switching?

6 weeks then switched for another 6 weeks before blood test

Hi guys, I inject consistently at 8am M/W/F for test and hcg 8am Tuesday morning and 8pm Friday night. Labs are always done Monday morning at 8-9am.

First lab with 49 nmol/l was finger prick. Second lab was venous which was when the lower dosage showed total t at 92 nmol/l.

Could be a lab error but my hb and haematocrit would suggest it was not a error. 2 doctors have said different things. So it’s hard to know the answer.

Finger prick? I’ve always gotten multiple vials taken from me.

I haven’t done a ton of research on it but I’ve heard over and over the finger prick tests are very inaccurate. I would stick to actual “normal” blood tests where they take a few vials.

Yes I am sticking to venous for now on. However the venous blood sample still showed 92 nmol/l and free t of 2.4 and oestradiol of 280 pmol/l on 37.5mg 3 times weekly! That’s crazy numbers. I’m hoping a lab error.