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TRT? Bloodwork Completed. Need Advice

Blood work came back total t 701 but free t just 6.2 with 8.0 being the lowest range. My shbg is 81 which is about 25 points high than highest range. Estrone is high but e2 is around 21. Thyroid is perfect. Please let me know if I can use trt to increase free t and lower shbg in long run?

Did you read about how someone could be high shbg?

That’s important. You may have other issues going on.
If shbg was lower your free t would probably be fine.

Very healthy. Maybe prohormone use in past or finasteride which I stopped years ago. All other blood is perfect. Checked it all!

There’s very little you can do to lower SHBG that high, if you’re super lucky you may be able to lower at 20 points but I don’t think it’s going to be enough.

TRT long term can keep SHBG lower even as it increase with age, the end game is TRT or a new liver. You may need supraphysiological doses of testosterone to get enough free testosterone.

It may be a challenge to get a sick care doctor to allow supraphysiological doses of testosterone as knowledge is very poor in the area of TRT.

New liver? Lol I don’t drink. My liver is perfectly fine!! Not going that extreme. I see people that have high shbg and don’t seem too sick. I feel decent honestly, just the low free t is concerning honestly