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TRT Bloodwork Checklist?

Hey man,

I’ve been on TRT for 6 weeks and have my 8 week bloodwork coming up. What all should my clinic be testing? The reason I ask is I’m getting the impression they don’t know what they’re doing.

Initial blood test
Estradiol. 107 pmol/L
Free testosterone. 286.3 pmol/L
Free T3. 5.2 pmol/L
DHEA. 8.1 pmol/L
PSA. 0.60 IG/L

Upcoming test at 8 weeks here’s what they request.
Free testosterone

I feel that there’s a lot missing from these lists. Keep in mind I’m not going to a basic Dr but a proper HRT/TRT clinic.


I’m a bit surprised that they’re not pulling total t, shbg, doing a CBC & CMP, at least a tsh on thyroid.

I suspect they’re just trying to keep your costs down, or if you pay monthly, then keep their costs down. I kind of get it, those are the bare minimum tests, and, I’d guess, they’re not using total t to guide treatment, they’re only looking at free t. If they’re not using total t why test for it.

Personally, I’d rather pay a bit more and get more comprehensive blood work drawn, but you should be seeing you regular doc and getting a lot of that other stuff done then, so why pay for duplicates. I’m also a bit surprised they don’t give you an option to upgrade the lab work, they’re missing a chance to sell you stuff.

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This list of tests is a bit off, most countries don’t have access to accurate testing methods for Free T and is basically worthless. I have never heard of any clinic skipping the Total T measurement, I would rather have the Total T and SHBG to calculate the FreeT.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the reply. I am in Canada so I figured they’d be on the ball for proper testing protocol. I’m gonna get in touch with the clinic prior to bloods and see if I can request further levels to be checked. Something’s just not sitting right with this clinic. I forgot to mention that they initially have me on 1.2mil test cyp per week and 1 mg of anastrozole per week. I split my dose into 2 and only take half the amount of ana.

Thanks, Kirky

The only thing wrong with this protocol is the 1mg anastrozole, assuming you haven’t even started TRT yet, this clinic hasn’t demonstrated the need for an AI and most men don’t need one.

It’s always a red flag when a clinic starts someone out on an AI without first adjusting one’s protocol to including smaller more frequent injections. The reduction in belly fat can greatly reduce aromatization.

Some of us high aromatizer more frequently to minimize aromatization. Regarding the 1.2 ml of test per week, that’s by volume, not strength.

Do not take that 1mg anastrozole or you may find yourself in a new kind of hell.

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I was very hesitant right from the start about the AI. In the past 6 weeks I’ve taken .25 of a pill 4 times due to itchy nipples. After researching over the last few weeks and also getting insight by you it makes me want to stay clear from it as much as possible. As I stated, I do .6 ml every 3.5 days subq so hopefully that’s enough to keep estradiol low.


I take my dose every 3.5 days, Monday am and Thursday pm. When would my optimal time for blood work be? Thursday morning?