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TRT Bloodwork and Advice on What to Do Next?

Hi everyone,

Just got my latest labs and need a bit of advice as to what to do next. A couple of concerning results and definitely not feeling the best (mind constantly going, overthinking, depressed, fatigued).

I am currently on Primoteston (enanthate) 67.5mg every 3 days.

I am 37 years old.

Labs -
Test - 23.3 nmol/l (8-27.9)
SHBG - 23 nmol/l (18-54)
FAI - 101 (38.7-91.7)
Free T 606.2 pmol/l (243-571)

Liver function all in range

TSH - 0.9 mU/L (0.4-4.0)

PSA - 0.71 ug/L (0.20 -2.1)

E2 -119 pmol (28-156)

Prolactin 215 mIU/L (86-324)

Vitamin D - 62 nmol/L (50-150)

Chol - 4.9 mmol/L (<5.0)
Trig - 1.9 mmol/L (<2.0)
HDL Chol - 0.7 mmol/L (>1.0)
Chol/HDL Ratio - 7.0 (<3.5)
LDL Chol - 3.3 mmol/L (<3.0)
Non HDL Chol - 4.2 mmol/L (<3.9)

Really appreciate your help and any advice.


The only thing I can relate to is not responding well to TRT every 3.5 days, my levels were high but swinging too much and never felt my best, my SHBG is in the same range as you.

Personally I believe you would do better on more frequent dosing, sometimes these moderate injections can be a little much for some fellows since Test cypionate tends to cause spikes in T & E2, some men are just sensitive and it only seems to cause more mood problems.

TRT can cause deficiencies in iron and potassium… The fatigue comment rang a bell for me, TRT caused me to develop an iron and potassium deficiency. An iron panel is recommended. You could just try lowering your dosage 20-30mg. If you notice you’re feeling better, than you know you’re headed in the right direction.

You could even consider a 25mg EOD protocol, sometimes these smaller doses translate to feeling better for some men.

You need to supplement Vitamin D.

How long have you been doing 67.5mg every 3 day protocol?

Thanks mate. Updated.