TRT Bloods, Confused on Free Test

Hi all,

I’ve been reading this forum for a long time but never actually joined, so this is my first post!

I am running self-prescribed TRT, being an underground lab I could not be sure of dosage at all, but I dosed at 200mg e7d, expecting the gear to be underdosed.

As it turns out from my readings, I think it’s pretty well dosed. I took the following blood tests:

Total T - 1334 ng/dL
Free T - 30.9 pg/mL
E2 - 26.1 pg/mL

Total T - 896 ng/dL
Free T - 21.9 pg/mL
E2 - 16.3 pg/mL

Now first off, how do these results look? I neglected to test for SHBG since I didn’t think I would need it, possibly a mistake now as I am not sure if my free test is low, or okay.

What I am finding very confusing is that in some places (and on my results for example), the range is 8.3 - 40.1 which puts me in an okay place. However in other places, I read that the minimum should be 35, and can go up well over 200 pg/mL.

As well, I hear that free T should be over 2% of total T. Therefore if I convert my trough free T to ng/dL it is 2.19 ng/dL, which is 0.24% of 896.

What am I missing/getting confused with here?!

Is this without use of any AI?

You have no fertility concerns?

Inject twice a week and take any AI at that time. Then levels will be steadier - which is essential for good AI action.

Always do labs half way between injections to eliminate lab timing artifacts.

FT ranges can vary wildly from one lab to another and cross comparisons are then questionable.

No concern re SHBG. E2 drives up SHBG and E2 is good. Target E2 is 22pg/ml.

You should do:
PSA if >40
prolactin if <35 - one time only

How are energy levels and mood?
Eval overall thyroid function via body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

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Thank you KSman.

This is without the use of any AI yes, I prefer not to use unless absolutely necessary, and I believe from my E2 readings that I don’t need.

I am not concerned about fertility, however that said, I’ve been on for over 6 months and I know as of 3 weeks ago I am still fertile!

I did actually do a CBC and Hematocrit, I forgot to mention. The readings were all in range, and specifically Hematocrit was 50%. I did HDL/LDL/Triglycerides and they were all in range too, AST/ALT I will book in for.

I’m 32 so will check prolactin too.

Energy levels and mood are good, I don’t really notice a drop off between shots.

I will read the thread about thyroid next, thanks again for your advice.

Your are a rare individual who may not need an AI.

With lower E2, we can probably drop the concern re liver function and E2 clearance and AST/ALT then not so much of a concern.

Much obliged for your advice KSman. I just hope all my readings are accurate, it seems quite a minefield picking the right tests. My E2 for example, I had the choice of standard or ultra-sensitive, but the lab didn’t really give me much info on the difference, just that it went to a lower range. I hope it was the right test and giving me accurate results.