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TRT Blood Test Results: Looking For Input

I have been on TRT for about 12 years and am 72 years old. I have been taking Testosterone Cypionate, 100mg every 5 days. I also take a test boost supplement from GNC, 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off. When I took the blood test I had been on test boost for 3 weeks.

I try to plan my blood test on the last day before the next testosterone injection, and that is how this blood test worked out. Results:
Testosterone, Total - 754 ng/dL
Free Testosterone - 134.2 pg/mL
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - 42 nmol/L

I believe that I have pretty much optimized the benefit of TRT, at least from a blood test perspective. In past annual blood tests my Total Testosterone is typically in the 500’s ng/dL and Free Testosterone is always higher when I am taking a test boost supplement.

Any input is welcome. Sarcopenia is my greatest battle. Old age sucks, except that I am now so weak that I seldom am strong enough to tear anything.

I don’t think the testosterone boost supplement is doing you any good as the injections shut down your natural production.

How do you feel on your current injection schedule? Numbers look fine to me, if you feel well, stay the course. If not maybe look at bumping the dose a bit. In my opinion you have some room to increase if you needed to.

I’d drop the test booster though, just draining wallet, use that money on extra test :wink:

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Depending on what’s actually in this, it may not be doing anything of benefit for you

I know a cop who says he takes a test booster. Dude is jacked (probably 20" lean arms and the dude is in his 50s). Pretty sure his test booster is just injectable test, and he doesn’t want to admit it.

Some test boosters can do things like lower SHBG. That may increase free testosterone. I don’t think it is worth the money, and I am not a fan of products in which I am taking a list of 50 ingredients.

The test booster isn’t boosting your testosterone levels because you are on TRT which has shut down your natural production. I’m afraid any increases you’re seeing in Free T aren’t at all related to the test booster unless it’s decreasing your SHBG.

If you want more Free T just increase the T dosage, no test booster needed.

I can’t locate any of my older blood tests, but I do know that the Free Testosterone levels increased drastically on the test boost supplement. I do recall the pre-test boost results for Free Testosterone were between 40 and 50 pg/mL.

The Testosterone Cypionate is cheap through the pharmacy, being an old guy. My prescription cost dropped from $100 a month to $10 a month when I turned 65.

My question isn’t whether the test boost supplement is cost effective. It’s what is the advantage of higher Free Testosterone. (There is no doubt in my mind whether there is any correlation between the test boost supplement and higher Free Testosterone. Whether there is causality would need a greater sample size to determine. And I am a sample size of one, and only take blood tests once a year.)

The supplement is likely doing something to SHBG or E2.

Unless you are trying to solve a problem the higher free test levels may not be noticed much. It may help all the things that testosterone helps, build muscle, libido, erections, sleep quality, etc. But you may not notice a difference or even feel worse.

You can always go back to what you were doing so if you want to try something, I say go for it unless your doc has a reason not to. Or I’d you’re perfectly happy with the way things are, stay with it. The question is mainly do you feel better or not and sometimes it’s a mixed bag.

Good luck.

That’s a difficult question. I haven’t noticed a difference before TRT and after starting TRT. When I was originally tested for Total Testosterone mine was about 270 ng/dL. I felt okay then. I was hoping for a little sexual boost, but didn’t see any noticeable difference.

I knew that my weight lifting performance should improve, but that too, seemed unnoticeable.

From what I know my current blood test numbers look good and my doctor seems pleased. My battle seems centered to slow muscle wasting, of which, I seem to have no silver bullet.

Never heard of this, but that would make sense to include it with TRT then. Would be cool to get labwork and see the before and after.

Lower shbg isn’t all good. It increases test clearance rate, so if you lower too much free test can go down. I would only be interested if shbg was really high.

Would daily shots help mitigate this? I’ve always thought that would help