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TRT Bloated & Less Fit

2.5 months ago I self-prescribed a T Gel - tested blood about 1 month after starting, levels were all good. I felt and still feel way better, the positive boost happened right away after starting.

However two things that have bothered me:

  1. I’m bloated with 15-20 lbs of water weight (was 185 pre-TRT, 205-ish now on TRT and with a super strict diet and calorie deficit). I’ve tried taking Armidex, despite my E being good on the test - and it did nothing for my bloat therefore I’m not sure if this is E related.

  2. Literally in matter of 1-2 weeks after starting, I lost about 25% of my cardio. What I mean by this is that running a mile is like 25% harder than before, I gas out earlier.

I’m guessing number 2 has something to do with number 1. And from what I’ve read, water retention is not a good sign but I cannot pinpoint to what can be causing it on TRT despite E being good? Any ideas?

BTW I have 0 bloat in the face - it’s almost all in the chest/abdomen and some in my hip section. Face/arms/feet are 100% normal.

Suggest posting latest blood test results and also what your exercise regime looks like.

Adding 15-20 lbs is only ever going to have a detrimental effect on your running. If you’re trying to hold the same pace with additional weight, your body is working much harder so it is inevitable that you are going to bonk sooner. Suggest backing off your pace (there will be calculators on line for pace change for a given weight) for now until your weight starts to come back down.

Had this. Like u not in face and ankles etc. It is a very frustrating thing!

I got this at the beginning of trt went away then I switched to im and could not get rid of it until I switched back to Subq and lowered dose.
No cardio would help.

I will confirm the lab numbers and post shortly in my thread

When I was bloated I got labs e2 was fine. I suspect that perhaps with im everything peaked greater as on trough testing my free t was almost over range.

What’s your diet look like? Water intake? How long have you been in a deficit?

Outside of E2 issues, the main culprit for water retention is diet and improper hydration.

TRT can increase rbc and hct, which will cause the blood to become somewhat thicker, thus requiring more hydration than you are used to. I personally try to drink at least a gallon or two of water everyday. If I don’t, I see signs of dehydration when I pee, and I also have noted increased blood pressure. Water is key.

Hey guys - below are my labs.

My diet:

  • clean/organic food pretty much 99%
  • very little to no processed foods
  • breakfast is usually sprouted oatmeal w/ banana and cinnamon, 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, spinach, sometimes beans
  • snacks are usually fruit/nuts/yogurt, a “no junk” clean protein bar that requires refrigeration, sprouted toast with almond butter and honey w/ milk, etc
  • lunches and dinners are chicken/beef/fish with veggies and sweet potato, sometimes rice, etc
  • post work-out is usually some simple organic carbs (like organic pop tarts) with whey/creatine, or if the workout wasn’t too crazy then a few bananas with the whey
  • my supplements are multi vitamin, magnesium, pycnogenol, turmeric extract, and sometimes l-arginie

My works are:

  • Usually weight lifting 30-60 minutes, varying between high reps and low/heavy reps
  • I do cardio 2 times a week which can be running outside, sprints, going for long walks while fasted
  • I don’t sit much at all, I’m always standing (have a standing desk) and usually try to remain in motion throughout the day
  • Even at nights if I’m watching TV, I’m up stretching

This TRT has made me feel like a new person, however, these issues are bothering me:

  1. Bloat in the chest/stomach area - major
  2. Cardio level dropped about 25% after TRT kicked it - the same distance runs now feels SO much harder, and my heart is working harder as well

My labs:

Your diet sound clean enough. Have you been tested to make sure that you don’t have an allergy to some of the foods you are eating?

You also didn’t mention how much water you drink, and whether or not you drink alcohol or have any other drugs on the plate?

Your free T is too high. Given the high free T and weight lifting, weight gain can obviously be expected but the sudden weight gain is obviously water retention.

Are you on any other meds, your IGF is high? High IGF can indicate high HGH. I’ve heard people on HGH can retain water.

I doubt I have allergies to the foods I eat because I’ve eaten the same diet all along, my bloat only started after the TRT.

I drink plenty of water a day - I’d easily say I’m at 1 - 1.5 gallons. Urine is always light yellow.

No regular alcohol consumption, maybe 5-10 times in a YEAR. The stuff always makes my heart beat out of my chest, especially since I have to have a few cigarettes if I drink (again…super rare).

No other drugs whatsoever, just my TRT gel and the supplements I listed.

IGF came in high, I was surprised also, but I’m not on any HGH/etc.

I’m going to get another blood test done…this time the expensive $450 one from privatemdlabs.com and see ALL of my numbers, maybe that might solve this mystery of bloat and less cardio health.

I would lower dose for 6 weeks and see what happens. Don’t waste your money on labs now.

Why I say this? Your free t is high.

Sounds good, I’ve actually started doing that as of 2 days ago. I was starting to apply more and more of the gel…muscle/fat was benefiting, but also the negative sides I suppose. Going to a steady lower dose to see what happens. Thanks!