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TRT Blasting & Cruising

What’s up bro’s, new to the board! I’m 24 200lb 5’8 and a trt patient. I get bloods every 3 months but can move if needed. I’m currently on 100mg test c weekly. My plan is to add
250mg of test e
250mg tren e
And tbol 40 mg

I will also be remaining on my 100mg dosage so 350 total of test. My question comes into play with letting my TT get back to 600-900 within a month. I would drop everything and remain at 100mg prescribed. Will be donating bloods to knock down RBC also. Any info would be great!

I’m 2 months into TRT and I have already thought about blasting and cruising eventually once I get my ideal levels locked in and tweak everything out. I personally would use the same type of test though, why do you want to use two different ones ?

Test E and C have similar half lives so it’s not needed to switch to a particular one when blasting or cruising.

I have a bottle of e left thats my personal gear, the cyp is from Dr. Over a month period thoug that 2-3 day difference can mean a whole other half live. So you guys think the ethanate would clear with s month?.. I would think
1st week off e would drop to 125 next week 75,etc. With a half life of 10 days I may give it 6 weeks off and drop the tren a month prior. Thanks for the replys!

What I have on hand bro cyp is Dr. Prescribed. Had e already