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TRT Blast with Test E & Test C


Longtime lurker, first time poster.

I’ve been on TRT about a year and have recently changed doctors. I have got a new prescription for test E and now have a bit more than 25ml of 200mg/ml test C in the cupboard that I don’t need for my TRT protocol. This has me thinking about blasting.

I’m now on 125mg test E every 5 days, or 175mg per week on avg. I’ve been thinking about adding 175mg of test C per week for a total of 350mg/week for 6 weeks to see what happens.

How would you suggest I go about this? Do both on the same day every 5, space them evenly, just add a weekly shot of C? Or do I hold the test E and just run 350mg/week test C for the duration of the blast?

It really should not matter much. Since you have 25 mL of Test C (not sure how you accumulated that much by prescription?), I would just run that as the blast.

I would go higher than 350 mg/wk as you are already on 175 mg (which for most will give a slight gym boost). I am also on TRT and just did my first blast with 325 mg/wk of test E for 13 weeks, and ran Var the last 7 weeks at 50 mg/day. I think I would have gotten a lot more out of just running 500-600 mg of test and not bothering with the Var.

My prescription allowed me 10ml every 8 weeks but I was only using a little over half that so I wound up with a small stockpile. I have 5x 5ml vials and another that I was approx midway through when I got the new prescription.

I was thinking about 350mg as I don’t want to blow up too obviously but I have read about a study done with test E at 3.5mg/kg for 6 weeks putting around 5kg on the test subjects. I weigh 90kg so 350mg would be closer to 4mg/kg. That would be a nice result in my mind. I’ve probably got enough to do about 15 weeks at that dose, so I could keep it going if all was well.

In doing that I’d also be building up a stack of test E for another go in the future