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TRT Blast Question


I am currently on TRT. My current schedule is 50mg of Test Cyp every week. With these injections, my T levels are about 650. I've been on TRT a year, and with diet improvements, I have gained 5 lbs while looking noticably leaner.

My question is my doc is pretty loose about my refills, and I now have extra Test with the 50mg schedule. I was considering upping it to 100mg/wk for 4-6 weeks a few times a year stictly for the muscle building effects. Everything is great with my current TRT program (I was tested when I was 36 and had a 200 T level!).

I lift 4 days a week with a modified DC style training. I go to a boxing gym 2 days a week also.

Can anyone advise if this is a good idea?


I guess. I usually run at least 100mg/wk a year (when not blasting), but am prescribed 200mg/wk. You might notice a little from upping your dose, but you're still well below what is considered a "cycle" dose. I mean "blasts" for me are generally 600mg/wk (at least 400mg/wk) of test plus 1 or 2 other compounds, but I imagine we have different goals.

On a side note, are you feeling better now that you're on a replacement dose? Did your doctor prescribe you an AI and HCG as well? And how "loose" is your doc on refills - I'd recommend trying to get more if you really want to run a "blast" - nothing crazy, but maybe at least up to 250mg/wk if not 500mg/wk, and preferably closer to 10 weeks.


I can't see 100mg a week being a problem, if anything you may need an AI, but even with a pre existing case of Gyno I had no problems on 200mg test a week with no AI.


He won't prescribe any AI/HCG. I've asked and presented my reasons. My E levels were like 42 and 45 I think. He's a GP (go figure), and to go to specialist, I need a referral. I feel MUCH better on the replacement does. Especially my energy level and libido. I am considering the 200 week for 10 weeks, but the problem is I get random drug screens with my job and I dont want my T levels high. I would be ok since its prescribed, but the process would suck (I'm a LEO).

Do you think it would be worth going to a specialist?


A few things:

200 isn't that high to have to explain as it relates to TRT. I don't know what a LEO is... but they for sure check T levels?

And yes, your GP should have given you a referral to a specialist, not just started prescribing you stuff he's not well versed in. I'm very surprised he didn't refer you to go to a specialist and just started prescribing you testosterone. My GP wouldn't even touch that - as soon as he saw low T he immediately sent me off to a specialist. TRT is for life - its a big decision, doing it right is very important.


Thanks for the advice. LEO is Law Enforcement Officer. I think they have a range for T level, and if you are too high, you have to go through a whole investigative process... Happened to another giy I know on TRT thats in his 50s and doesnt even lift. I think his levels were like 1000 or so.


Ahh... that makes sense. Well then yes, I'd be careful how high you go.


I am all for LE taking PEDs, they need all the help they can get when bad guys are under the influence of anything and everything and with the demands that are placed on them at times on and off the job.
with that being said you are kind of in a tight spot,I assume thats why the dose is so low, they do not want you having high test levels just incase someone crys abuse.
If I was you,I would not accept anything above what your script says.
Instead ask for an Ai of some sort just keep asking.
get research and show them about controlling estrogen and not just raising your test levels.
because the dose is so low there is no real "need" for E control but it will help alot.

if you have to you can get research chems, it is a "gray area" you will be pushing it legally and you dont want to put your job on the line anymore than you already have by being on TRT so tread carefully.
but best thing you can do is get a better Test/Est ratio
after looking into stuff then 500mg a week split into eod for about a month will make a world of difference.
thats another thing, without raising the dose you should split up the dose into more frequent times to keep a more stable blood level.


He should go see a specialist who knows about these things so he doesn't need to bring info into his GP.

Although with that being said, I had a herrendous experience with one "specialist" who probably knew less than the least knowledgeable internet poster. After he said we might do 1 testosterone "enthy" shot of around 200-500mg PER MONTH, I decided I should get out there.


This is frighteningly common...the drug companies themselves are partially to blame because this sort of ridiculous dosing protocol is what is published in their literature because it was the setup for the first rounds of FDA testing & approval...its been a slow change to even get doctors to consider other, more logical, dosing options...

A good question to ask a doctor who advocates once a month shots is: how many other medicines do you advocate taking 4x past the half life?

If that doesn't clue him in, you at least get the satisfaction of being a snarky bastard to someone who paid out their ass to go to school for 30 years...